After outsmarting all her foes and forming new alliance’s on the streets Danesha Andrews turns in her badge and partners with Kendricks, not shortly after she is shot and left for dead in the middle of a police station.

Cheyenne got her revenge on all but one of the women that she felt wronged her in the past and left Indianapolis wanted for murder, taking Awsum’s daughter from him she got the last laugh but will that be enough to quench her thirst for revenge?

Awsum was arrested for the murder of his wife and while sitting in lockup he found out his daughter had been taken by Cheyenne. With the district attorney looking to lock him up for murder and no real allies will he be able to get out, find Cheyenne, and make her pay for killing his wife and taking his daughter from him?

Dope Fiction pt. 2 “Greed Between the Lines” picks up where the first left off everyone holding secrets that when revealed ultimately may be the cause of another’s demise. Drugs, revenge, money, and a play for power is the backdrop of this bang-up sequel where only the smartest survive things are not always fair and certainly aren’t always black and white when dealing with Dope Fiction there’s always Greed Between the Lines.