With Phil-Good in his last few months of his bid Danny, the eldest of Phil-Good's two sons is at risk of losing the empire that his father killed to build. With unknown enemies around every corner threatning to snatch it all away Danny has his own demons to deal with can he hold it together until his father comes home?

Confused about not only his position in the crew but with his position in life Phil-Fine has to decide if living the life is really what he wants to do before he has a chance to decide unforseen circumstances forces him into a position of power can he shoulder the responsibility? Or will he fold to the pressures of the streets?

Fresh out from a five year bid Phil-Good is thrown back into the midst of drama and death. The stakes are high in the cold streets of the Windy city. With the body count rising higher and higher he has to decide which is more important holding his family together? Or his underworld operations? Is he willing to risk one to save the other?

In this fast paced sequel to Crew Love, Crew Love 2 "The Black Mob" paints a picture of a family's passion for life, love, and the pursuit of the almighty dollar. As they grow and evolve from a street crew to the origins of the Black Mob it forces them all to realize the more things change the more they stay the same.