Satsified Reader!

Failure to Protect the fourth in the Dre Thomas and Angela Evans series was another satisfying read for me. After reading the first three I was excited to find out the fourth was released and was eager to read. I don't know if I am becoming more impatient or my preference for more action-packed reads is increasing. I have to admit that this title was a slow read for me, I understand that they have to character build and layout the plot but it seemed to move extremely slow for my taste.

All of the usual characters were there Dre, Angela, Jenny, and Apache. I have to say that I didn't find myself getting engrossed in the story until Apache showed up and was a bit disappointed that he wasn't utilized more than he had been. But at this point the story had begun to pick up steam and found myself getting excited, anticipating reading the next page and laughing at the character's antics. So the last part of the story brought it all home for me and it made it worth the read. Curious to find out where Pamela Samuels-Young will go next with the Dre and Angela series.

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