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Trouble is What I Do is another addition to the Leonid McGill series I was excited to read another chapter of this bad guy turned good P.I. of another era in NYC. One of my favorite aspects of Mr. Mosley's writing style is his penchant for world-building & character building as well he always paints vivid pictures of his characters that flesh out the story.

In this latest adventure of McGill we find our anti-hero taking on a case of an old bluesman, he has to deliver a letter to his granddaughter who doesn't know that she is black. In the midst of this, there are people looking to keep them quiet about thisMCGill in his fashion of getting things done outsmarts his foes. I like that his stories run a comfortable back and forth of laying out who the characters are and their motives and at the same time move at a quick pace.

My only drawback is that I wish that there could have been more to the story, this plot has been played out in many other stories including one that he penned. (Devil in a Blue Dress).

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