Wicked Ways

Although not one of my favorite reads by EDJ & I say this as a fan it is still a 5* read. The title Before we Were Wicked is a prelude to the title Bad Men and Wicked Women. I read the latter titled book so I was anxious to read this book and see where Ken Swift got his start in the enforcer business. The prelude had the same cast as the previous: Ken Swift, Jake Ellis, and Jimi Lee. I have to admit the first half of the book threw me off it was very heavy on love scenes. I get it I've been there before their young and in love or in lust depending on how you want to look at it.

But with being young a lot of times that comes with that comes a lot of fighting which in turn, turns into more lust just a vicious cycle that EDJ displayed well in this story it brought back a lot of memories of past relationships that I've been through. I'm more into the crime aspects the stories and repercussions of that so when they did get to the enforcing part of the book I was there for it. I like the dynamics of her family vs. his family and African American vs Africans I don't think that the complexities of those real-life relationships of the two different yet very similar sets of people get explored enough. Even in this story it just barely scratches the surface but the fact that he put it in the story is a step in the right direction. Overall it was another good read, ready for the net Mr. Dickey.

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