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Laugh Now by Rahiem Brooks is my first title by this author that I've read. Rahiem Brooks tackled a subject that is affecting millions, and I enjoy how he showed the in and outs of identity theft from the perspective of Kareem. The Bezel brothers are a force to reckoned with. At times, I did not have a true connection with the novel and found it hard to follow. Laugh Now was a decent read. After reading the synopsis I have to admit I had expected more my expectations were high. It took me a while to finish this book it was a bit slow for my taste. I felt satisfied once I completed the story it serves as a good reference of what to avoid when trying not to become a victim of identity theft. The story is about deception, deceit, blackmail, loyalty and a whole lot of living it up. As a debut author, I will say Mr. Brooks definitely has a storytelling ability where I think there are a few things missing and a few things that could have been changed around or not in the story at all. He pulls it off Laugh Now is a good performance for a debut title.

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