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I've been wanting to read this book for a while so last week I finally purchased it, before reading it I scrolled through some of the reviews to see what others thought of the title. A lot of people commented that he was super heavy on Black/white aspect of the character or "too woke" so I went in reading with a grain of salt. Right from the jump, he hits you in the face with a lot of consciousness and I'm cool with that but as the story goes on I can see why some would feel like he's heavy-handed with some of the "rhetoric". I noticed it but still no true issue, I took personal feelings out of the equation and thought maybe these characters spoke to him in this fashion because of the times that we are living in and this is his way to document the times, or he may or may not have shared some of the beliefs of the characters and the way they view the world, doesn't matter here nor there I related because I've held some of these conversations myself. My true issue was it took a long while to get to the grit of the story but once it had Eric Jerome Dickey did a wonderful job painting a fleshed-out story of LA, the criminals, and the complexities and contradictions of their psyches. I don't care what others say, I enjoyed!

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