A Solid Read!

Down the River Unto the Sea was not my first read by Mr. Mosley, in fact once I (rediscovered him so to speak, I read one of his novels (Outnumbered, Outgunned) and for some reason or another had not realized it was him when I began reading the Leonid McGill series) yet I digress, back to Down the River. I was excited to hear that this book was coming out and began reading with enthusiasm and I typically give the novels that I've read by Mr. Mosley a 5* rating I had to take away a star. I enjoyed the book I got what I expected a solid story with characters and situations that I can relate to and understand and empathize with the antagonist. Yet the downside for me was the fact that Joe Oliver reminded me of Leonid McGill so much so as they seem as if they could have been cousins or something. The second thing was he introduced an awful lot of characters and this at times made the plot a bit confusing. The last on my list is that the story seemed to drag on a bit but riding it out to the end it was well worth the ride!

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