Sitting in the Shadow of Love

"The Streets don't Love You" written by Kelly Wiley took me by total surprise. It was nothing at all what I expected by the title alone I just knew it would be filled with money, murder, and mayhem. But to my surprise it turned out to be the perfect example of a gangster love story. Told through the eyes of Monique you follow this young ladies life through the streets of the Bay as she wrestles with morality and everything she's been taught by her mother versus the man in her life. Kelly paints a picture rich in color and contrast as you try to figure out if she's going to make the right decisions that not only effect her but the ones she love before its too late. "The Streets don't Love You" is a must read and I encourage all to pick it up. Thank you Ms. Wiley and I look forward to reading many more offerings from you!

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