First, let me begin by saying that I enjoyed Multiples by Aja LaGrand Blount, it was the first title that I've read by the author and must say that I was impressed. I was hooked by the opening pages and the hitman for hire theme the story quickly turned into a web of secrets and hidden identities. I liked the introduction of the female hit woman and how she went about her business. Moving on to what I labeled the second half of the book the story took a sudden turn and in my opinion turned into something different. Introduced new characters and characters we were already familiar with became more developed and evolved into something I was not expecting (some of it was a bit unplausible) but I as a reader am fine with stretching my imagination for the sake of seeing where the author takes us in the story so in short I liked the twist. Here's where it gets a bit shaky for me, so much so it cost the author 2*'s she took us on this fantastic voyage of bloodshed, carnage, and emotional pitfalls only in the end to disappoint and defeat the purpose of the ride in the first place. Overall it was a good crime fiction novel an encourage all to give Aja a shot!

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