Black Panther (Review)

Alright, I am going to make this one short and sweet. Yes I liked Black Panther, no it wasn’t everything everyone made it out to be. I loved the hype around this movie, the fact that everyone is on the train for black expressionalisim not even sure if that’s a word but I’m going to run with it. I think that all of the excitement surrounding this movie, the characters, the actors portraying them, the writers, costume designers and so on and so on will spark dialogue and interests in everything Black which is a fantastic thing!

Now getting to the film here’s what I liked: I liked the fact that it took place mostly in the fictional country of Wakanda which was located in the continent of Africa. I also liked that they showed the friction between Africans and the so called African Americans I liked that the writer showed that not only were the characters of T’Challa and Kilmonger were cousins but what I took away from it was that we (me being one of the so called African American) and the people of Africa are in essence blood cousins and in hindsight we have this internal beef with one another that needs to be addressed.

Next, I LOVED the character of Shuri, she is the best character in the whole damn movie to me well next to M’Baku and Nakia. The plot was original and refreshing for a Marvel film it definitely set itself apart from the rest of the films and definitely held its own as far as cinema goes.

What I did not like is after going through great lengths to maintain independence from the rest of the world and guard secrets I HATED that Shuri immediately begins telling the white government operative Wakandan secrets it was bad enough that they brought him there. I think they could have made T’Challa more alpha M’Baku was more alpha than he was, in fact the only two alpha males in the film were M’Baku and Kilmonger ALL of the women were alphas. But I also got another message out of the movie which I didn’t like, it seemed a bit hypocritical and stupid for him to have killed Kilmonger for wanting to share the technology with his brethren throughout the African diaspora only to offer the technology to the Western world in the end. Overall I would recommend checking it out for yourself it’s definitely worth watching.

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