Star Trek Discovery (Review)

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am a true Star Trek fan so when I heard that this new Star Trek was in development I was ecstatic. Espicially when I read that the director wanted to cast Angela Basset as the first Black Woman Captain and Michelle Rodriguez as her first officer. Man that would have been dope!

But it did not work out that way, for one they did not cast either of the ladies in the roles and two we still didn't get our first Black Woman Captain. Yeah, it wasn't off to a good start for the new series in my book. To top it off it was only available in the U.S. via the CBS streaming service at $5.99 a month but eff it I'm a fan so I was a sucker and I paid it.

Now as for who they did cast I was impressed, Sonequa Martin-Green the take no shit kick ass survivor from The Walking Dead (and she's gorgeous) alright Discovery gets half a point back for not casting Angela Basset but they still lose the other half because Sonequa is still not a Captain. In that role they gave it to Michelle Yeoh. I liked the fact that she too looked good, but what was really impressive was that it was an Asian Captain I was thinking alright that's cool, it's a good look. Even though I had no idea who Michelle Yeoh was so I skipped on over to IMDB and put in her name, scrolled her previous and films and saw that she was in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and many other movies and I realized I had been watching her for years. Okay Discovery you're beginning to get on my good side again.

Now the series has begun I'm watching week after week and it feels off, it doesn't feel like Star Trek (The Original), Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Enterprise, hell not even like Star Trek Deep Space Nine (which I hate, even though it has a black captain) it feels off, the show does not feel like Star Trek. Yet I continue to watch because after all, it's not horrible, just different.

Now with me sticking it out I am begining to have serious doubts that this show is going to last then boom hit with a nice twist in the show a total shocker that really took the show down a dark path. Then what do they do after a few more episodes? They take a hiatus, these suckers split one season into two I had to wait a few weeks before it came back on the air. But once it had the show finally began to make sense everything that the show wasn't explained why it wasn't and let me tell you it was great!

The writers and actors of this show did a marvelous job and the cliff hanger OMG! I can't wait until next season my expectations are definitely up. No joke or exageration this show is everybody it does not matter if you are not into Sci-Fi it is worth the watch for the unexpected twists alone.

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