She Ready!

I have to admit I was late jumping on the Tiffany Haddish bandwagon, I'm not huge on the "chick flicks" only will watch them with a female friend or family member. So I was reluctant to watch Girl's Trip starring Tiffany Haddish but once I had I was glad that I did, it was as if everywhere I turned videos and interviews of her started popping up on my computer screen. She was hilarious not only in her movie but also in the interviews, what drew me to her the most is her sense of sincerity and humbleness in her interviews. So when I saw that she had a new book out I decided to download the audiobook and listen to it, The Last Black Unicorn was very, very, very good! I've been recommending it to everyone I speak to. Tiffany is very open and honest about her life leading up to her success as a comedian and as a human being. She offers an in-depth look at her psyche that is refreshing and more often than not a life lesson and funny. The Last Black Unicorn is worth the read or listens in my case, thank you, Tiffany, you have a fan for life.....She Readyyyyyyy!

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