Over the holiday break I was back home in Minneapolis I was honored and blessed to meet the Ms. Kahladee. Upon our meeting I received a copy of her debut novel "Ryde". On my journey home I got comfortable and devoured the pages of this hood novel. It follows the story of Damarie Jackson and Johnalyn. The story has to do with change and expectations. In true hood fashion the characters take you along with them through their journey of street life dramas while it was a good story it could have been better. I will not dismiss Ms. Kahladee altogether I enjoyed the book and she did a good job for this being her break out book. My only objection is that I felt she could have delved deeper into these characters and revealed a deeper side of their psyche. I do recommend others to read this book and I look forward to reading her next release with a start as well written as this one she can only get better with each new book Kahladee congratulations!

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