All The Money in the World (Movie Review)

All the money in the world starring Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer and Mark Wahlberg was an okay film to watch. I didn't go into the theatre with any expectations on the film just thought that it would be an interesting historical esque type of film to watch being that I didn't know anything about J. Paul Geatty oil tycoon.

From watching the trailers of the film I thought the premise of this wealthy elitists grandson being kidnapped was a making of great cinema. After sitting through the first ten minutes I saw that my initial assesment was incorrect.

It was often slow at times and lacked paneche, I liked the film it just wasn't spectactular, I would have to admit the one high point I found in the film was Mark Wahlberg's performance. It wasn't anything award worthy but I don't recall ever seeing him in a dramatic role it was a good look on him not playing the action role and a comedic character.

Overall I would suggest that you wait for it to come to Blu Ray or DVD at worst Netflix.

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