Sperm Donor

Angelic moans floated through the air in the spacious living room of Sean’s East side St. Paul condominium on the twenty-fourth floor. Jarah laid on the white plush carpet, back arched, dark hair sprawled over her face clinging to her sweaty flesh. Digging her nails into Sean’s neck as her creamy white thighs drape over his shoulders, his face buried deep into her pulsating wet pussy. Sean gently massaged her clit with his tongue and mouth kissing her fleshy lips slowly as he felt her wetness in his mouth. Sucking her pussy fast, then slow, then fast, he gently slid his two middle fingers into her pussy. Jarah’s body flinched as she felt his thick strong fingers caress the inside of her love box. She thrusts her hips like Shakira performing in a video shoot. “Aaaaaaaaa, oh, oh, oh, oh!” She screamed out as he scooped her from the floor standing to his feet she gently straddled his face sliding her pussy onto his tongue wrapping her legs around his neck as he walked around the room eating her pussy. Her ass clinched tighter as she felt an eruption escape from her vibrating canal. Placed back on her feet she felt her legs wobble as she headed towards the bathroom to take a shower.

Grabbing his bathrobe from the floor he put it on and tightly pulled it closed. Walking down the hall towards the east wing of the condo, he heard the television on and laughter. Stepping into the entertainment room he saw Madea’s latest flick up on the screen of his 62’ flat screen and his three daughters all about the room. The youngest Naija lay in the center of the floor sleep, Jahzara the middle child sat in a corner on her laptop logged on to FaceBook, and Sabrina the oldest of the three continued laughing at the movie.

“Hey babies how you get over here?” He asked as knelt down and kissed Sabrina on her forehead.

“Mama dropped us off.” Jahzara said never taking her eyes off of the laptop screen.

“Why didn’t she call first?”

“She did. Somebody doesn’t know how to answer his cell phone?” Jahzara said rolling her eyes and closing the laptop.

Sean bit into his bottom lip as he looked over Jahzara’s disrespectful comment. Bending down he kissed Sabrina on her forehead. She wrapped her arms around his neck. “So what you guys staying for the week end?”

“Mama went to Mardi Gras.”

“Tonia gone to New Orleans, when?”

“They dropped us off and said they were driving down there from here.”

“They, who the hell is they?”

“Jay from…”

“The burger boy who works at Culvers?” Sean said as he bent down and scooped

Naija from the floor. “Yawl staying over to Donna’s till your mama gets back?”

Standing to her feet and marching pass her father towards the living room. “No we’re not staying with grandma.”

Before she was completely passed Sean grabbed his daughter’s arm and pulled her back. “Hold on, I have company.”

“Um we heard her, over exaggerating in there.” Jahzara said with a smirk pulling from her father’s grasp.

“Look here Jahzara….”

“Hey daddy.” Naija said opening her eyes.

“Hey daddy’s angel.” Throwing her arms around his neck she squeezed. “I missed you daddy.”

“I missed you too sweetie.”

“Yeah Naija daddy was just going to introduce us to his girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girl friend.”

“She’s not?” Sabrina said eyes wide in surprise.

“No she’s…. um hmph just a friend.” He said clearing from his throat.

“Oh, so it’s okay for us to have boy-friends like you? Jahzara asked with both her hands on her hips.

“No it’s not okay for you to have boyfriends like me” He repeated in a nasal voice imitating his sassy daughter.

“What’s wrong with boys like you daddy?” Naija asked looking confused.

Jarah entered drawing all eyes on her. “Oh what do we have here?” She asked. She wore a two- piece silk lavender Ralph Lauren pajama suit. She placed one hand on Sean’s back, the other underneath Naija’s chin. “Who is this little cutie?”

Sean’s muscles tightened at Jarah’s touch. She felt the tension in the room she stepped back. Cleared her throat. Approached Sabrina the oldest of the three with her hand out for a hand shake. “Hi I’m Jarah you must be Sabrina right?”

Sabrina smiled, extended her hand and shook Jarah’s. “Yes I’m Sabrina.”

“Nice to meet you Sabrina. So that means that you are Jahzara and this little cutie here must be Naija.” She said with a smile.

“What are you doing here with our daddy, you know he’s a married man right?”Jahzara said stepping in between Jahra and her sister so that she was eye to eye with the woman.

Jahra’s defenses went up she no longer so Jahzara as a pre-teen girl, but as an adversary. “Listen sweetie, I don’t think that’s a question that child should be asking. Don’t you have some dollies to play with?”

“Uh no, I’m too old to play with dolls Janice.” Jahzara said purposely calling her by the wrong name.

“It’s Jahra sweetie.”

“Whatever Jamie, you know-”

“I don’t smell a dog daddy.” Naija said sniffing the air.

“What do you mean angel?” Sean said annoyingly becoming upset by his daughter and Jahra’s verbal jabs.

Naija continued sniffing. “A dog daddy, mommie said white girls smell like wet dogs. I don’t smell any dogs’ daddy.” Naija said grabbing some strands of Jahra’s hair and placing them to her nose smelling them.

Jahra embarrassingly pulled from the child’s grasp and stepped back. She knew what the child meant to say and what her mother had meant by it. She stepped back face red, she felt upset and wish that she had gone straight to the bedroom. She had been begging to meet Sean’s children for over three months now and he always put it off. She wished that she had listened to him now. She really wasn’t ready. “Well nice meeting you all I’m going to bed now.” She kissed Sean on his cheek. Once again his body tensed up. Is he embarrassed of me? She thought to herself as she exited the room headed towards the bedroom.

“You were rude Jahzara.” Sabrina said prepared to scold her sister.

“I was not. Besides I didn’t do anything wrong I just asked a question. She’s the rude one if you ask me. She didn’t even answer my question.”

Sean loved his daughters. But he wishes he had boys, at least at times like this. Boys he could punch and be rough with. His little girls, he found it difficult to handle. Especially Jahzara she had a mouth just like her mothers. “Enough Jahzara!” He said placing Naija to her feet.”

“But daddy-”

“I said enough girl damn, shut your mouth!” The two veins in his neck protruded out in anger. All three girls lowered their heads in fear. He didn’t yell at them often but when he did they knew they had reached their limit at talking back. He looked at the three girls and felt his heart soften. “Go to sleep, I’m coming to check on you in ten minutes I don’t want to hear any talking.” He had to remain hard. Although his daughters they were still little ladies and father or not women smelled fear and would use it against men in a heartbeat. He learned that the hard way with their mother. The three girls didn’t say another word as they marched single file pass their father to the bedroom that they shared. He laughed to himself once they were out of the room. “That damn Jahzara, I feel sorry for the man that ends up with her. She is going to be a handful, that’s daddy’s baby.

Sean lived a great life. In his eyes any way. Although separated from his wife of eight-teen years he was still happy. He didn’t have a job but he lived and did what he wanted. Child support for his three girls was a little over a thousand dollars a month but he maintained getting it paid. He had Kisha for that. She was twenty-three years old, sexy African American female from the North Side. She lived in St.Louis Park now. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas. She had a MS in accountancy, no man, no children. She didn’t mind spoiling the man in her life. Fortunately for Sean he was the current man in her life. She didn’t mind waiting for him to commit and he had no issue with making her wait. Dinner, sex every now and then, and an occasional night on the town and she paid his monthly child support with hesitation.

Cash in his pocket came from Judy. She was a thirty something white female with a teenage daughter. She worked as a stripper at Déjà vu. She worked out weekly and stayed in great shape. She also had a boyfriend who worked as a bouncer at the club. She just needed a break from her regular routine from time to time so Sean added a little spontaneity to her life. She paid a weekly allowance of a thousand dollars and on occasions paid his car note to his 2012 Lincoln Navigator. He yawned as he walked down the hall to his living room. Picking up his Apple iPhone 4S - 16 GB he looked at the screen. He had numerous missed calls and three text messages all from Tonia. He immediately hit the call back button. The phone rang three times.

“What’s up Sean?” A deep throated voice chimed through the phone excitedly.

Sean looked at his phone annoyingly to see if he had dialed the correct number. “Can I speak to Tonia?” He asked realizing that it had to be Tonia’s road trip companion answering her calls. They’d met twice. Sean didn’t care for him much but T.J. the burger boy at Culver’s had taken a liken to him.

“Yeah hold on.” He said. A few seconds later Tonia spoke into the phone.

“Did the girls get settled in okay?” She asked sounding bubbly. He could always tell when she had been drinking.

“They’re fine. Why didn’t you tell me you were going out of town?”

“Psh. Boy bye, I don’t have to tell you what I’m doing. Besides I called I don’t know how many times and sent text messages.”

“How long are you going to be gone Tonia?”

“A week.”

Sean rubbed his temples with his thumb and pointer finger. He felt a headache coming on. He didn’t respond. She remained silent. He heard, Rhiana’s “We found Love” playing in the back ground.”

“Hello.” She said becoming irritated.

“I don’t mean to disturb your little honey moon Tonia but what am I supposed to do with three little girls?”

“The same shit I been doing since you been gone. Figure it out Sean.”

“You’re their mother it’s your job.”

“You’re supposed to be their father.”

“What the hell does that mean? I am their father! I pay my child support.”

“Child support, negro please. You haven’t spent any real time with them in over three months.”

“I been busy Tonia you know that.”

“Busy being trifling.”

“Here you go.”

“Yeah here I go, look Sean I ain’t Betty Jane from Burnsville. I know your butt and I know what you’re about.”

“What am I about Dr. freaking Phil?”

“Bull shit.”

“I take care of my business.”

“What business is that Sean?”

“More important business than burger boy over there.”

Tonia laughed.

“What’s the joke?” He yelled through the phone becoming upset.

“Not that it’s any of your business but burger boy makes almost ninety thousand dollars a year as a district manager for Culvers, volunteers at big sisters and brothers twice a month, is the alderman at the church, treats not only me like royalty but also your three little girls doing the things you should be doing with them.”

Sean became silent once again.

Tonia laughed. “What, nothing to say?”

Sean still remained silent.

“Be a man Sean, it’s time to step up and-”

Sean hung up the phone, snatching the vase with the dozen roses that Jahra had brought him the day before he smashed it against the wall. Within seconds Jahra appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Is everything alright sweet heart?”

Sean ignored her, standing with his back to her. He felt his phone vibrate in his hand. Looking down at the screen it was a text message from Tonia.

“I just talked to mama, you can drop them off over there in the morning.”

He ignored the text. Walking up the stairs he took Jahra into his arms. “Everything’s fine.”


Clutching at the sheet Sean pulled it up to his neck. The cool air from the balcony covered his flesh in chill bumps. Eyes still closed he pulled the pillow over his head. Close the damn door Jahra.

“Your girl friend gone daddy.” Naija said laying at the foot of his bed watching Grim and Evil on cartoon network.

Sean pulled the pillow from his face, raising his head. “Good morning baby, where your sisters?”

“Morning daddy, they downstairs watching t.v.” She replied not taking her attention from the cartoon.

“What you eating baby?”


“Trix?” He asked excitedly. “You didn’t make a bowl for daddy? You know that’s his favorite cereal.”

“You want some of mines daddy?” She asked turning towards her father holding the spoon dripping most of what was on the spoon on to the bed.

“No thank you Naija, and be careful on daddy’s bed baby.” He sat up in bed. “How you been doing baby?”


“Yeah, how do you like mommie’s new friend?”

“Who T.J.?”

“Yeah T.J.”

“I don’t know, he’s okay. I don’t know if I like him though.”

Sean felt the muscle’s in his neck tighten. “Why is that?”

“Jahzara and Sabrina always making fun of me telling me he’s going to be my new daddy. I don’t want a new daddy. I want you daddy.”

Little bitches. He thought to himself. “They’re just teasing honey. You know who your daddy is right?”

“Um, hmm.” She said drinking the milk from her bowl, milk ran down her chin wetting her shirt.

Sean smiled. “Is that the only reason you don’t think you like him? Is he mean to you or your sisters?”

“No he’s cool.”

“Cool, huh? What about mommie, is he mean to mommie?”

“No he’s nice to her too.”

“That’s good, but if he wasn’t you would tell daddy right?”

“Yes daddy.” She answered wiping the milk mustache from her face with the sleeve of her pajama shirt.


After showering and getting dressed Sean held an impromptu family meeting with his daughters. Destiny Child’s “Cater to you” softly played as he stood behind his desk in his den. All three girls sat on the leather sofa in total attention.