Sperm Donor

Angelic moans floated through the air in the spacious living room of Sean’s East side St. Paul condominium on the twenty-fourth floor. Jarah laid on the white plush carpet, back arched, dark hair sprawled over her face clinging to her sweaty flesh. Digging her nails into Sean’s neck as her creamy white thighs drape over his shoulders, his face buried deep into her pulsating wet pussy. Sean gently massaged her clit with his tongue and mouth kissing her fleshy lips slowly as he felt her wetness in his mouth. Sucking her pussy fast, then slow, then fast, he gently slid his two middle fingers into her pussy. Jarah’s body flinched as she felt his thick strong fingers caress the inside of her love box. She thrusts her hips like Shakira performing in a video shoot. “Aaaaaaaaa, oh, oh, oh, oh!” She screamed out as he scooped her from the floor standing to his feet she gently straddled his face sliding her pussy onto his tongue wrapping her legs around his neck as he walked around the room eating her pussy. Her ass clinched tighter as she felt an eruption escape from her vibrating canal. Placed back on her feet she felt her legs wobble as she headed towards the bathroom to take a shower.

Grabbing his bathrobe from the floor he put it on and tightly pulled it closed. Walking down the hall towards the east wing of the condo, he heard the television on and laughter. Stepping into the entertainment room he saw Madea’s latest flick up on the screen of his 62’ flat screen and his three daughters all about the room. The youngest Naija lay in the center of the floor sleep, Jahzara the middle child sat in a corner on her laptop logged on to FaceBook, and Sabrina the oldest of the three continued laughing at the movie.

“Hey babies how you get over here?” He asked as knelt down and kissed Sabrina on her forehead.

“Mama dropped us off.” Jahzara said never taking her eyes off of the laptop screen.

“Why didn’t she call first?”

“She did. Somebody doesn’t know how to answer his cell phone?” Jahzara said rolling her eyes and closing the laptop.

Sean bit into his bottom lip as he looked over Jahzara’s disrespectful comment. Bending down he kissed Sabrina on her forehead. She wrapped her arms around his neck. “So what you guys staying for the week end?”

“Mama went to Mardi Gras.”

“Tonia gone to New Orleans, when?”

“They dropped us off and said they were driving down there from here.”

“They, who the hell is they?”

“Jay from…”

“The burger boy who works at Culvers?” Sean said as he bent down and scooped

Naija from the floor. “Yawl staying over to Donna’s till your mama gets back?”

Standing to her feet and marching pass her father towards the living room. “No we’re not staying with grandma.”

Before she was completely passed Sean grabbed his daughter’s arm and pulled her back. “Hold on, I have company.”

“Um we heard her, over exaggerating in there.” Jahzara said with a smirk pulling from her father’s grasp.

“Look here Jahzara….”

“Hey daddy.” Naija said opening her eyes.

“Hey daddy’s angel.” Throwing her arms around his neck she squeezed. “I missed you daddy.”

“I missed you too sweetie.”

“Yeah Naija daddy was just going to introduce us to his girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girl friend.”

“She’s not?” Sabrina said eyes wide in surprise.

“No she’s…. um hmph just a friend.” He said clearing from his throat.

“Oh, so it’s okay for us to have boy-friends like you? Jahzara asked with both her hands on her hips.

“No it’s not okay for you to have boyfriends like me” He repeated in a nasal voice imitating his sassy daughter.

“What’s wrong with boys like you daddy?” Naija asked looking confused.

Jarah entered drawing all eyes on her. “Oh what do we have here?” She asked. She wore a two- piece silk lavender Ralph Lauren pajama suit. She placed one hand on Sean’s back, the other underneath Naija’s chin. “Who is this little cutie?”

Sean’s muscles tightened at Jarah’s touch. She felt the tension in the room she stepped back. Cleared her throat. Approached Sabrina the oldest of the three with her hand out for a hand shake. “Hi I’m Jarah you must be Sabrina right?”

Sabrina smiled, extended her hand and shook Jarah’s. “Yes I’m Sabrina.”

“Nice to meet you Sabrina. So that means that you are Jahzara and this little cutie here must be Naija.” She said with a smile.

“What are you doing here with our daddy, you know he’s a married man right?”Jahzara said stepping in between Jahra and her sister so that she was eye to eye with the woman.

Jahra’s defenses went up she no longer so Jahzara as a pre-teen girl, but as an adversary. “Listen sweetie, I don’t think that’s a question that child should be asking. Don’t you have some dollies to play with?”

“Uh no, I’m too old to play with dolls Janice.” Jahzara said purposely calling her by the wrong name.

“It’s Jahra sweetie.”

“Whatever Jamie, you know-”

“I don’t smell a dog daddy.” Naija said sniffing the air.

“What do you mean angel?” Sean said annoyingly becoming upset by his daughter and Jahra’s verbal jabs.

Naija continued sniffing. “A dog daddy, mommie said white girls smell like wet dogs. I don’t smell any dogs’ daddy.” Naija said grabbing some strands of Jahra’s hair and placing them to her nose smelling them.

Jahra embarrassingly pulled from the child’s grasp and stepped back. She knew what the child meant to say and what her mother had meant by it. She stepped back face red, she felt upset and wish that she had gone straight to the bedroom. She had been begging to meet Sean’s children for over three months now and he always put it off. She wished that she had listened to him now. She really wasn’t ready. “Well nice meeting you all I’m going to bed now.” She kissed Sean on his cheek. Once again his body tensed up. Is he embarrassed of me? She thought to herself as she exited the room headed towards the bedroom.

“You were rude Jahzara.” Sabrina said prepared to scold her sister.

“I was not. Besides I didn’t do anything wrong I just asked a question. She’s the rude one if you ask me. She didn’t even answer my question.”

Sean loved his daughters. But he wishes he had boys, at least at times like this. Boys he could punch and be rough with. His little girls, he found it difficult to handle. Especially Jahzara she had a mouth just like her mothers. “Enough Jahzara!” He said placing Naija to her feet.”

“But daddy-”

“I said enough girl damn, shut your mouth!” The two veins in his neck protruded out in anger. All three girls lowered their heads in fear. He didn’t yell at them often but when he did they knew they had reached their limit at talking back. He looked at the three girls and felt his heart soften. “Go to sleep, I’m coming to check on you in ten minutes I don’t want to hear any talking.” He had to remain hard. Although his daughters they were still little ladies and father or not women smelled fear and would use it against men in a heartbeat. He learned that the hard way with their mother. The three girls didn’t say another word as they marched single file pass their father to the bedroom that they shared. He laughed to himself once they were out of the room. “That damn Jahzara, I feel sorry for the man that ends up with her. She is going to be a handful, that’s daddy’s baby.

Sean lived a great life. In his eyes any way. Although separated from his wife of eight-teen years he was still happy. He didn’t have a job but he lived and did what he wanted. Child support for his three girls was a little over a thousand dollars a month but he maintained getting it paid. He had Kisha for that. She was twenty-three years old, sexy African American female from the North Side. She lived in St.Louis Park now. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas. She had a MS in accountancy, no man, no children. She didn’t mind spoiling the man in her life. Fortunately for Sean he was the current man in her life. She didn’t mind waiting for him to commit and he had no issue with making her wait. Dinner, sex every now and then, and an occasional night on the town and she paid his monthly child support with hesitation.

Cash in his pocket came from Judy. She was a thirty something white female with a teenage daughter. She worked as a stripper at Déjà vu. She worked out weekly and stayed in great shape. She also had a boyfriend who worked as a bouncer at the club. She just needed a break from her regular routine from time to time so Sean added a little spontaneity to her life. She paid a weekly allowance of a thousand dollars and on occasions paid his car note to his 2012 Lincoln Navigator. He yawned as he walked down the hall to his living room. Picking up his Apple iPhone 4S - 16 GB he looked at the screen. He had numerous missed calls and three text messages all from Tonia. He immediately hit the call back button. The phone rang three times.

“What’s up Sean?” A deep throated voice chimed through the phone excitedly.

Sean looked at his phone annoyingly to see if he had dialed the correct number. “Can I speak to Tonia?” He asked realizing that it had to be Tonia’s road trip companion answering her calls. They’d met twice. Sean didn’t care for him much but T.J. the burger boy at Culver’s had taken a liken to him.

“Yeah hold on.” He said. A few seconds later Tonia spoke into the phone.

“Did the girls get settled in okay?” She asked sounding bubbly. He could always tell when she had been drinking.

“They’re fine. Why didn’t you tell me you were going out of town?”

“Psh. Boy bye, I don’t have to tell you what I’m doing. Besides I called I don’t know how many times and sent text messages.”

“How long are you going to be gone Tonia?”

“A week.”

Sean rubbed his temples with his thumb and pointer finger. He felt a headache coming on. He didn’t respond. She remained silent. He heard, Rhiana’s “We found Love” playing in the back ground.”

“Hello.” She said becoming irritated.

“I don’t mean to disturb your little honey moon Tonia but what am I supposed to do with three little girls?”

“The same shit I been doing since you been gone. Figure it out Sean.”

“You’re their mother it’s your job.”

“You’re supposed to be their father.”

“What the hell does that mean? I am their father! I pay my child support.”

“Child support, negro please. You haven’t spent any real time with them in over three months.”

“I been busy Tonia you know that.”

“Busy being trifling.”

“Here you go.”

“Yeah here I go, look Sean I ain’t Betty Jane from Burnsville. I know your butt and I know what you’re about.”

“What am I about Dr. freaking Phil?”

“Bull shit.”

“I take care of my business.”

“What business is that Sean?”

“More important business than burger boy over there.”

Tonia laughed.

“What’s the joke?” He yelled through the phone becoming upset.

“Not that it’s any of your business but burger boy makes almost ninety thousand dollars a year as a district manager for Culvers, volunteers at big sisters and brothers twice a month, is the alderman at the church, treats not only me like royalty but also your three little girls doing the things you should be doing with them.”

Sean became silent once again.

Tonia laughed. “What, nothing to say?”

Sean still remained silent.

“Be a man Sean, it’s time to step up and-”

Sean hung up the phone, snatching the vase with the dozen roses that Jahra had brought him the day before he smashed it against the wall. Within seconds Jahra appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Is everything alright sweet heart?”

Sean ignored her, standing with his back to her. He felt his phone vibrate in his hand. Looking down at the screen it was a text message from Tonia.

“I just talked to mama, you can drop them off over there in the morning.”

He ignored the text. Walking up the stairs he took Jahra into his arms. “Everything’s fine.”


Clutching at the sheet Sean pulled it up to his neck. The cool air from the balcony covered his flesh in chill bumps. Eyes still closed he pulled the pillow over his head. Close the damn door Jahra.

“Your girl friend gone daddy.” Naija said laying at the foot of his bed watching Grim and Evil on cartoon network.

Sean pulled the pillow from his face, raising his head. “Good morning baby, where your sisters?”

“Morning daddy, they downstairs watching t.v.” She replied not taking her attention from the cartoon.

“What you eating baby?”


“Trix?” He asked excitedly. “You didn’t make a bowl for daddy? You know that’s his favorite cereal.”

“You want some of mines daddy?” She asked turning towards her father holding the spoon dripping most of what was on the spoon on to the bed.

“No thank you Naija, and be careful on daddy’s bed baby.” He sat up in bed. “How you been doing baby?”


“Yeah, how do you like mommie’s new friend?”

“Who T.J.?”

“Yeah T.J.”

“I don’t know, he’s okay. I don’t know if I like him though.”

Sean felt the muscle’s in his neck tighten. “Why is that?”

“Jahzara and Sabrina always making fun of me telling me he’s going to be my new daddy. I don’t want a new daddy. I want you daddy.”

Little bitches. He thought to himself. “They’re just teasing honey. You know who your daddy is right?”

“Um, hmm.” She said drinking the milk from her bowl, milk ran down her chin wetting her shirt.

Sean smiled. “Is that the only reason you don’t think you like him? Is he mean to you or your sisters?”

“No he’s cool.”

“Cool, huh? What about mommie, is he mean to mommie?”

“No he’s nice to her too.”

“That’s good, but if he wasn’t you would tell daddy right?”

“Yes daddy.” She answered wiping the milk mustache from her face with the sleeve of her pajama shirt.


After showering and getting dressed Sean held an impromptu family meeting with his daughters. Destiny Child’s “Cater to you” softly played as he stood behind his desk in his den. All three girls sat on the leather sofa in total attention.

“We’re going to make the best of this week with your mother gone.”

“Yaaaaaaaaay!” Naija yelled out in excitement.

“I thought we were going to grandma’s for the week.” Jahzara said as she played with her cell phone.

“I don’t want to go to grandma’s.” Naija said folding her arms.

“You’re not, who said you were going to Donna’s?”

“Mama did, she called Sabrina’s cell phone this morning.”

“Well your mother’s not here, were going to have some daddy, daughter time.”

“Yeah, what you have planned?” Sabrina asked propping her feet up on the coffee table.

“I was thinking first we would go shopping today, and then tomorrow go to the state fair.”

“Yes!” Naija yelled jumping to her feet fist clinched.

“We can get whatever we want?” Jahzara asked trying to hold back her excitement.

“I don’t see why not.” Sean responded smiling.

“When are we leaving?” Sabrina asked wide eyed.

“Now if everyone’s ready.”

“I am!” Naija said jumping to her feet.

“Me too!” Both girls said in unison and laughed.

“Well off we go.” Sean said as Jahzara and Naija both ran towards the door.

“Can I drive daddy? I have my permit.” Sabrina asked flashing a bright smile.

“I don‘t know, does your mother let you drive her car?”

“No.” She answered folding her arms and pouting.

“I don’t know-”

“Daddy please, I’m a real safe driver.”

“We’ll see, how’s your highway driving skills?”

“They’re good daddy, I swear.”

“Alright I give you a shot. You can drive us to the mall.”

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!” She yelled jumping up and down wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Just get us to the mall safe that’s all I ask.” He said as he placed the keys to his truck in her hand.

Fifth-teen minutes later, Sabrina behind the wheel, Sean in the passenger seat, and Jahzara and Naija in the back seat. Usher’s “Scream” crooned through the truck’s sound system as they rode down the highway headed towards the Mall of America. Sabrina navigated the truck onto the parking ramp smoothly and they all got out of the truck going into the mall anxious to start their shopping spree.

“Jahzara you and Naija go together, Sabrina and I will go together.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a stack of hundred dollar bills. Counting out six one hundred dollar bills he handed the money to Jahzara. “We’ll meet in two hours at the food court.”

She took the money smiling as she placed it in her purse. “Which food court daddy?”

“The one with the Johnny Rockets.”

“I want to go with you too daddy!” Naija whined.

“Be a big girl and go with Jahzara. Daddy needs to talk to Sabrina alone okay?”

“Come on Naija it’ll be fun, we can go to Nickelodeon world.”

“Well okay, after when we meet back can we go to McDonald’s?”

“Sure we can eat where ever you like baby.” Sean said as he knelt down kissing Naija on the head. “Keep an eye on your sister.”

“I will daddy. Jahzara said taking Naija by the hand.

Sean and Sabrina headed in the opposite direction. Walking for several seconds in silence, Sean finally broke the awkward silence. “So, what’s new baby girl?”

“Nothing much.”

“You excited about the ninth grade?”

“A little bit, it’s no big deal though.”

“What you been doing all summer?”



“Yeah hanging out, you know.”

“What about boys?”

“What about em?”

Neither one looked at the other, both avoiding eye contact. “What you think about em?”

Sabrina laughed. “You mean do I like them?”

“Um hmph…yeah.”

“Well, there is this one boy.”

“How old is he?”

“He’s six-teen.”

“What do you guys do?”

“What you mean?”

“I mean when you two hang out, do you hang out together?”

Sabrina paused in front of the Gap store. “Dad.”

“What?” Sean said smiling.

“It’s no big deal.”

“Sure it is has your mother met him?”


“She hasn’t told me anything about him.”

“You don’t come around or call dad.”

“Yeah I know I been busy honey.”

“Too busy for your kids, why don’t-”

“Why don’t we stick to the subject, what’s this boy’s name?”


“Antonio what?”


“Um hmm, have you two….?”

“Dad.” Sabrina’s facial expression turned a bright red as she avoided eye contact with her father.

“Well, have you?”

“That’s none of your business dad, and don’t you think this is a conversation for me and mom?”

“None of my business? Your still my child and what goes on in your life is always my business. You think this is easy for me to talk about?”

Sabrina reluctantly made eye contact with her father she brushed her bangs from her face. “I don’t know, well I guess not. Then why do it, besides me and mom already had the sex talk.”

“That’s good, but it’s also good to hear from a male’s point of view especially a man that doesn’t want to get in your pants. Know what I mean?”


Sean wrapped his arm around his daughter’s shoulder. “So, any questions you want to ask the old man?”

Sabrina remained silent as they finally entered the Gap store.

“Is there? I mean anything it doesn’t matter.” He asked again.


“Go head baby, anything.”

“Why is it that you tell us to do one thing and you do another?”

Sean smiled. “That’s complicated honey.” He answered hoping she would give up pursuing the question.

“You said anything. So why is it okay for you to deal with all these different women and not have an emotional attachment? But not okay for me and Jahzara?”

“Because I’m grown and they are grown. We know how to handle the physical and the emotional that comes along with what we’re doing.”

“So you never have an emotional attachment with your friends?”

Sean eyed his daughter with a raised eyebrow. “Where is all of this coming from?”

“I just want to know, how men think and since you’re a man that doesn’t want to get in my pants as you tactfully put it. I’m asking you.”

Sean just wanted the conversation to be over but he figured if this was what he had to go through to find out if that Antonio bastard had been sleeping with his daughter. Then he would endure it. He sighed. “Sometimes some women friends develop an attachment that I do not share.”

“So you never have feelings for women?”

“No I didn’t say that.”

“You still have feelings for mom?”

“Very much so.”

“How come you two don’t get back together?”

“It’s complicated.”

“No it’s not dad, you go back and say you’re sorry. She says okay and you move back in.”

“I don’t know honey; your mother may not want me back. She has a new boyfriend now. You and Jahzara have a new dad.”

Sabrina laughed. “No we don’t.”

“Sure you do, you can call him dad and change your last name.”

Sabrina continued laughing. “What about Naija?”

“Nall Naija that’s my baby, you and your sister don’t love me like she does.”

Sabrina pouted her lips in a sad face. “That is not true; you know I am your favorite I was here long before either of those two. You were my daddy first!” She said as she threw her arm around his neck and began kissing his cheek. He laughed as he hugged her back.


“Come on girls lets go, we have to be at the Fair in twenty minutes Jahra is waiting for us.” Sean yelled galloping down the stairs. Sabrina and Naija followed behind.

“Where’s your sister?” He asked looking at Sabrina.

“Last I saw she was in the bathroom, want me to get her?”

“No go out to the car, I’ll see what’s holding her.” Before she could say another word he was back upstairs taking two steps at a time. Down the hall, the bathroom door was closed. He lightly tapped the door twice.

“Come on baby girl, let’s go.”

“I don’t feel good dad.”

“What’s wrong?”

“My stomach.”

“Open up let me in.”

“No, go get Sabrina.”

Sean felt a heat flash as he stepped back from the door. “She would go through her first period when her mama leave town.” He said to himself under his breath. “Hold on sweet heart I’ll go and get her.”

Within a few seconds Sean and Sabrina were both walking through the living room. Sean paused pulling Sabrina by her sleeve to get her attention.

“Yeah dad?”

“I didn’t want to say this in front of your little sister but-”

“But what dad?”

“I think Jahzara is going through her first menstrual.”

Sabrina paused in shock. “I’ll take care of it dad, go on out to the car with Naija.”

“Do you need some-?”

Sabrina stared back at her father confused. “Some, what dad?”

“You know the female product.”

Sabrina chuckled. “Oh no dad, I’m fine on that end.”

“Oh, good take your time I’ll be out in the car waiting.”

Twenty minutes later both girls were in the car and the family was headed towards the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul.

“It’s a lot of cars out here daddy.” Naija said excitedly.

“Yeah I know baby, we have to find a place to park.”

After ten minutes of riding around looking for a parking space they were parked and walking to meet Jahra.

“What’s wrong Jahzara? You haven’t said a word since we left.”

“Nothing’s wrong, stomach just still feels a little upset.”

Naija tugs at her father’s hand. “Come on daddy, hurry let’s go!” She yells excitedly.

“Okay, okay honey I’m coming.” He says as he picks up the pace leaving Sabrina and Jahzra behind.

“What are you going to do Jahzra?”

“I don’t know.”

Sabrina exhaled. “You have about a week to figure it until mom gets home. She’s not going for the period thing. She knows you had your first period last year.”

“I can’t be.”

“We’ll just have to wait and see. How could you be so careless girl and let that nigga run up in you raw?” Sabrina held her sister hand. As they reached the entrance to the fair they saw their father and sister waiting with Jahra. She smiled as she saw the girls approaching.

“Hi girls.” Jahra said giving both girls quick hugs and kisses on the cheek.

“Hi.” Both girls said dryly.

“Well we’re all here. Where to first?” Sean said eager to get the day started.

“I want to see the animal’s daddy!” Naija said jumping up and down.

“I want to try something on a stick” Sabrina said.

“I tell you what, Sabrina you and Jahra go together and me and your sisters will go together.”

“What, why?” Jahzara said upset.

“I want some time to talk to you two alone, is that alright with you?”

“You could have picked a better time.”

“Well I didn’t, besides it won’t be all day. We’ll meet in two hours to watch the show.”

“Cool with me, let’s roll.” Naija said with a definite tone.

Sean laughed. “Yall heard my baby, let’s roll.” He kissed Sabrina on the cheek and Jahra on the lips before the two groups went their separate ways. Sean and Naija both walked holding hands, swinging arms.

“You guys excited about getting back to school this year?” Sean asked attempting to break the ice.

“I am.” Naija said.

“Yeah, the third grade huh?”


“You think you ready for that? That’s big kid stuff.”

“Yeah I’m ready.”

“How you know?”

“Cause I’m smart, I’m going to my new class and learn a lot.”

Sean laughed. “I bet you will, it sounds like fun.” He looked back and saw that Jahzra was standing a few feet behind them. “Come on up here with us Jahzara.”

“Yeah come on slow poke.” Naija said rolling her eyes at her sister.

Sean held out his hand for Jahzara to hold on to. “Come on, you don’t love your daddy no more?”

“I do.”

“Well come hold my hand, you still my baby.”

Jahzara reluctantly took her father’s hand.

“See it’s not that bad is it?”

Jahzara smiled. “No.”

“So what’s up in your world?” Sean asked, nudging Jahzara with his elbow.

“Nothing much, you know stuff.”

“Stuff? What kind of stuff?”

“Girl stuff.”

“Um, hm….what about your mama’s new boyfriend?”

“What about him?”

“You like him?”

“He’s alright.” She said shrugging her shoulders.

“Ooh daddy can we have a snicker on a stick?” Naija asked pointing at the stand with the deep fried snickers on a stick.

“I don’t know baby that doesn’t look to good.”

“Daddy please?” She whined jumping up and down.

“We’ll see, let’s look around first and see if there’s anything else we might want to try first.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Back to you, what about boys?”

“What about em?”

“Stay away from em.”

She laughed. “Oh daddy.”

“Don’t oh daddy me.”

“Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?” She laughed again. “Trust me daddy you have nothing to worry about.”

He pulled both his daughters to him in a hug. “That’s good to hear.”

Jahzara smiled. “Why can’t it be like this all of the time daddy?”

“Like what baby?”

“I don’t know a good time, only with all of us me, you, Naija, Sabrina, and mama.”

“That’s easier said than done baby.”

“Hard, but not impossible right?”

Sean smiled. “No not impossible.”

“Don’t you love us?”

“Of course I love you, all of you.”

“Mama too?” Naija asked looking up at her father.

“Of course mama too, very much.”

“Just try daddy.” Jahzara said tears streaming down her cheeks.

“We’ll see girls….we’ll see.” Sean said wiping the tears from her face.


“What you think you that deal cause daddy let you drive this weekend?” Jahzara said to Sabrina as they pulled up on their block.

“Girl please I been that deal.” Sabrina responded as they pulled in front of the building and parked.

“There’s Uncle Robert.” Naija yelled out pointing at her uncle leaning on his car in front of the building.

“It sure is.” Sean said taking off his seatbelt. “Wonder what he’s doing over here.”

Sean and the children got out of the truck. Jahra pulled up behind them and parked.

“What’s going on Sean?” Robert said as he shook hands with Sean. Robert is Tonia’s brother.

“Nothing much, just came from the fair with the kids.”

Jahra stepped out of the car and joined them. The kids rushed and hugged their uncle.

“What are you doing over here Uncle Robert?”

“Your moms asked me to come and get you, take you over to your grandma’s.”

“Daddy I don’t want to go to grandmas.”

“You don’t have to baby.”

“You know I don’t care one way or the other man, but Tonia asked me to come so I’m here.”

“Yeah I know, Sabrina, Jahzara you two go with your uncle if you like or stay here with me.”

“We’ll stay here with you.” Sabrina said with a smile.

“I’ll call Tonia in a few and let her know what’s up alright?” Sean said shaking Robert’s hand.

“You be cool bro, girls give your uncle a hug bye.”

All three girls hugged their uncle. He climbed into his car and pulled off.

“What was that all about?” Jahra asked.

“Not sure, Tonia and I had some words last we spoke but… come on girls let’s get in the house.” Sean said changing the subject.

“I don’t feel too…” Jahzara said before vomiting in the bushes nearby.

“You alright Jahzara?” Sean asked as he watched Sabrina help her sister inside.

“Yeah I’m fine daddy.” She said wiping her mouth on the bottom of her shirt.

“Naija baby go on inside with your sisters.” Jahra said holding Sean’s arm. Naija ran off.

“We’ll be right behind you guys.” Sean said with a curious look on his face. “What is it?”

“You didn’t notice Jahzara’s actions today?”

“Yeah, she was cool today, not as much mouth.”

“No I mean her upset stomach.”

“What about it?”

“Uh nothing stands out to you?”

“Not really she ate something that didn’t agree with her.”

“Are you really that blind?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Think about it Sean.”

Sean stood silent for a few seconds looking dumbfounded. “No.”

Jahra stared back with a raised eyebrow.

“She can’t be Sabrina told me this morning she was having her first period.” He said in a whispered tone.

“I’m telling you Sean, I think she is.”

“Jahzara’s not having sex.”

“Did you ask her?”


“Then how do you know?” He asked raising his voice.

“I know you don’t want to hear it, but getting upset with me won’t help the situation.”

“The fuck you know, you ain’t no doctor.”

“Let’s get her a pregnancy test.”

“I’m not asking my thirteen year old daughter who is not having sex to take a pregnancy test.”

“You want me to ask her, I am a woman it might be easier coming from…”

“Hell nall, I’ll take care of it.”

“You can’t just ignore it Sean it won’t go away.”

“I said I would handle it.” He walked towards the entrance before she could respond. She didn’t say another word as she followed him inside.


Sean crept down the hall towards the girl’s room. The door was partially cracked. Leaning with his back against the wall he titled his head so that he could listen.

“What are you going to tell mama?” Sabrina asked laying out the new outfits she bought the day before at the mall.

“Mama? Girl I don’t know I haven’t even told Joey yet. And daddy….psh girl daddy going flip the fuck out.”

Sean clinched his fists so tight that his nails dug into the palms of his hands. Blood trickled through his fingers dripping onto the carpet.

“Daddy your hands are bleeding.” Naija said appearing from out of nowhere taking Sean by surprise. The girls must have heard Naija because the talking immediately ceased. A few seconds later Fat Joe and Chris Brown’s “Another Round” came on.

“Daddy’s okay baby, go downstairs and watch TV.”

Naija stared at her father’s hand skeptically for a few seconds then quickly ran down the stairs. Sean gently pushed the door all the way open and stood in the entrance. Sabrina and Jahzara both looked at their father with a guilty expression, barely making eye contact.

“Sabrina, go downstairs. I have to talk to your sister alone.”

Sabrina didn’t say a word as she squeezed pass her father out of the room.

“You have something you want to say to me young lady?”

Jahzara remained silent as the tears swelled in her eyes.

“Talk!” He yelled as he knocked the television, perfume, and pictures that were on the dresser on to the floor. She jumped back in fear heart pounding as she struggled to find the right words.

“You always have some slick shit to say any other time. Now when I need you to talk you turn into a mute?”

“Daddy I…I…”

“You, you, what?”

“I’m sorry!” She screamed, pulling at her hair.

“Don’t you raise your damn voice in my house!”

“Sean!” Jahra screamed from behind.

“Not now Jahra.” Sean said without turning to face her.

“Everyone let’s just calm down.”

“Stay out of this Jahra it’s between me and my daughter.”

“You’re not helping the situation Sean can’t you see your scaring her?”

“This my got damn daughter, shit! She need to be scared.”

“We don’t need nothing we’ll be fine.”

“We? Who the fuck is we? Joey?”

“Yes! Joey, he’s a real man he’s not going to make promises and break them.”

Jahra stood in the door way remaining silent. Sean looking at her from the corner of his eye stepped into the room and slammed the door closed in her face. He took a deep breath and sat on the edge of the bed. “Come here sweetie.” She hesitated, he pat the bed. She moved slowly to the bed and sat.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

She wiped the tears from her face with the back of her hand.

“Come here, come on.” He said motioning with a tilt of his head. She slowly slid over next to her father and laid her head on his shoulder.

“I know you’re scared and confused right now but I’m here for you okay.”

She sobbed harder as she squeezed her father not wanting to let go.

“It’s okay, I love you baby.”

“I love you too daddy.”

Later that night Sean and Jahra lay on the couch in the living room. She lay between his legs. The kids were in their room for the night re-runs of Law & Order played on the television as they talked.

“Have you called their mother yet?”


“Why not?”

“I’ll handle it.”

“No offense Sean, but a girl needs her mother at a time like this.”

“I’m not going to be a grandfather Jahra. Fuck that I’m too young and she’s too young to be a mother.”

“We’ll she’s pregnant now Sean.”

“Oooh I should kill that bastard for doing this to my baby.”

“Calm down, sweet heart.”

“Look woman don’t you tell me to calm down no damn more.”

“I’m not going there with you Sean. But my advice, tell her mother and the three of you can figure it out together.”

“Figure nothing out; I know what I’m doing.”

“And what’s that?” Jahra said turning and facing Sean.

“First thing in the morning I’m taking her to get an abortion.”

Jarah rose up and sat next to Sean, face in shock. “And if she says no?”

“It doesn’t matter; I’m her father not the other way around.”

“Father or not you have no rights over her reproductive organs. Trust me baby if you try to coheres her into doing it against her will she will resent you forever.”

“I know what I’m doing.”

Jahra laid her head back on his chest and continued watching TV. “We’ll see.”

Jahzara stood at the top of the stairs listening.


“Daaaaaady!” Naija screeched out as she galloped down the stairs. “Daaaaaaaaady!”

“What, what, what is it Naija?” Sean said awakening from his sleep on the couch. Jahra was gone. She’d left earlier that morning.

“Daddy Jahzara and Sabrina are gone.”

“Hold on sweetie their probably only gone to the store or something.”

“Daddy no Sabrina just left a little while ago to look for Jahzara.”

“What are you talking about, they’re not together?” Sean said sitting up looking around the room for his shoes.

“No Jahzara left in the middle of the night.”

“Come here sweetie, sit down.” Naija sat on the couch next to her father. “Now start at the beginning and take your time.”

“Okay, Sabrina thought I was sleep but I was just pretending. I heard her whispering on the phone this morning.”

“Whispering to who, who do you think she was talking to?”

“Jahzara, she was trying to get her to come back home. She said something about you wouldn’t make her do it and to stop crying her and the baby were going to be okay. Daddy what baby?”

Sean dropped his face in his hands. “What else she say Naija?”

“That Jahzara should stay where she was and that she was coming to get her.”

Sean stood to his feet walking around the room looking for his cell phone. “So who did Sabrina say was coming to pick her up?”

“Sabrina said she was going to get Jahzara and have your truck back before you woke up.”

“These damn girls shit!” Sean said as he looked underneath the couch for his cell phone. Sliding his hand underneath the couch he pulled his phone out. Wiped the dust on his shirt and dialed Sabrina’s cell phone. It went straight to voicemail. He did the same with Jahzara’s, voicemail as well. Finally he broke down and called Tonia’s phone. Again straight to voicemail, Naija sat silent with a nervous look on her young face. Sean smiled.

“Its okay baby, don’t look so worried your sisters are okay.”

“You sure daddy?”

Sean picked her up and kissed her on her forehead. “Absolutely, do daddy a favor okay?”

“What’s that daddy?”

“When you get older and get a cell phone, always answer daddy’s calls okay?”

Naija smiled. “Okay daddy.”

“That’s my girl.” He sat her on her feet. “Run up stairs and get dressed we’re going over to grandmas.”

“Okay daddy.” Naija didn’t want to go to her grandma’s she wanted to stay with her father. But she knew this was not a good time to put up an argument. She quickly ran up the stairs and returned ten minutes later dressed and ready to go. When she came down the stairs her Uncle Robert was in the living room talking to her father.

“Hey Uncle Robert.”

“Hey baby. So Sean, what time did they leave?

“I don’t know.”

“What’s the boy’s name who Jahzara was dealing with?”


“Joey what?”

“I don’t know.”

Robert rubbed his head in frustration. “Where does he live?”

Sean sighed. “Shit I don’t know.”

“Damn man you’re they’re father. You should know these things.”


“What baby.”

“They be in the building we used to live in.”

“What building baby? Maryland Park apartments?”


“You a lot smarter than your daddy baby girl.” Robert said as he took her by the hand and led her outside where Jahra was waiting in the car. “Jahra’s going to take you over to your grandma’s we’ll be by there soon okay.”

“Okay.” She said as she climbed into the back seat and fastened her seatbelt. Sean stepped outside as Jahra pulled off.

“What’s the plan?” Robert asked as he hit the alarm button on his key chain. Pulling the car door open Sean got into the driver’s seat and closed the door. After Robert was in and pulling off Sean finally spoke.

“Keep it simple go and get my baby.”

“I know how these lil wild boys can get, I brought some insurance.”

“What kind of insurance?” Sean asked eyebrow raised.

“Pop the glove box.” Robert said motioning with his eyes.

Sean opened the glove compartment and in plain sight a glock sat in plain sight.

“What you need this for?” Sean asked leaving the gun in the compartment and closing the door.

“Man I ain’t fooling round with them young boys.”

“We’re not going to over complicate this. I’m her father she’s leaving with me its as simple as that.”

“Yeah well, just in case it ain’t as simple as that.”

Sean shook his head in disbelief. He had ridden with Robert before with a gun and swore to never do it again. He had good intentions but Robert was a screw up and him plus a gun equaled a foul outcome.

“We get there just sit in the car okay?”

Robert didn’t respond.

“You hear me Rob?”

“Don’t worry about me let’s find the girls and get home.”

Sean didn’t say another word as they pulled into Maryland Park Apartments. The parking lot was filled with hustlers and drug addicts moving about. Kids running and riding bikes, Sean saw his truck sitting in the parking lot.

“You see the girls any where?” Sean asked as he got out of the truck.

“Nall, that’s your truck right there though right?” Robert said as he climbed from the driver’s seat and followed Sean’s lead.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Sean said as he approached a group of teens smoking a blunt. “Yo, any of yall know Sabrina or Jahzara?”

“Nall.” The short boy holding the blunt answered as he flicked his ashes to the ground.

Robert stood back and watched. “Yeah, what about Joey, I know one of yall know Joey?”

“Fuck out of here asking questions and shit like you the police. Go head with that shit we don’t know nobody.” A cute light skin girl said as she tool a pull from her Black N Mild cigar.

“Look we just looking for my daughter that’s all, we ain’t trying to cause no confusion.”

“Sorry pops can’t help you.” The short guy said passing the blunt to the next in the circle.

Sean snarled at the young boy. He smirked back smugly. Sean turned and headed back to the car. He sat on the hood of the car and let his eyes scan the area. Robert went back to the car and sat in the passenger seat.

“You want to do a door to door knock till we find em or just wait till they come back out to the truck?” Sean asked as he tried their cell phones again still with no answer.

“You go door knocking I’ll sit and wait.” He said as he never took eye contact off of the short boy.

Sean jumped down from the hood and made his way to the first building in the complex. Robert continued watching the boy. The boy pulled his cell phone from his waist and dialed a number. Although Robert couldn’t hear the conversation, he could read the boy’s body language and it was obvious he was talking to the girls or to Joey. After a few seconds on the phone he hung up leaned against the wall and smirked at Robert from across the parking lot. Robert opened the glove compartment, removed the gun, and tucked it underneath his shirt. He climbed out and moved quickly across the parking lot.

“Move around with that shit Joe; you don’t want these problems old school.” The young boy said right before blood covered his nose and mouth. Dropping to his knees holding is face he had no choice but to take blow after blow from the butt of the gun. Robert turned and aimed at the girl standing nearby.

“Get on the fucking ground!” He yelled as she immediately hit the cement. The others of the group had run off.

“Give me the fucking phone.” Robert said as he placed the barrel of the gun to the boy’s head.

“Alright, old school take it easy.” The boy pleaded as he reached for his phone, blood smearing on his clothes.

“Hurry up.” Robert demanded as he cocked back the hammer.

The boy fumbled at his waist until he was finally able to retrieve the phone and hand it to Robert. Robert took the phone and hit redial. “You playing games all you had to do was tell the man where his kids are.”

The boy didn’t respond as he silently prayed he lived through this ordeal. The phone rang once and a voice chimed through.

“What’s good lil bro, they still out there?”

“I got your brother Joey and it ain’t good. Tell the girls to come out before I hurt him more than I already have.”

“Who the fuck is this?”

Robert hung up the phone and dropped it on the ground next to the bleeding boy’s face. “Thanks for the phone call young blood.” Robert said staring down at the boy with a smirk. The boy closed his eyes.

Within seconds Robert heard Sean, Sabrina, and Jahzara arguing. Followed behind by who Robert assumed was Joey.

“You girls get in the truck and go to the house.”

Neither responded, Jahzara looked back at Joey as she sullenly made her way to the truck.

“The hell you looking at him for? I’m your daddy do what I said.” Sean said as he glanced across the lot and saw the scene with Robert. “Go now!”

Both girls hopped into the truck. Sabrina started the truck and pulled off.

“All I know is my brother better be alright.”

“Or what? Huh?” Sean said as he stopped midstride, turned and faced the young boy who looked to be at least eighteen or nineteen years old.

Joey didn’t back down as he squared up with Sean. “I’m going air you old niggas out!”

Sean quickly grabbed the young man and began patting him for a gun. Joey squirmed free and swung on Sean missing. Sean threw a right cross to his chin knocking Sean off balance. He followed that blow with a left blow to the temple. Joey crumbled to his knees. Sean was about to stomp him out when he heard a horn blowing behind him.

“Come on man get in!” Robert was behind the wheel, yelling through the window. Sean kicked Joey once in the stomach and quickly got into the car as they pulled off. Robert laughed as they pulled from the parking lot.

“This situation funny to you man?” Sean asked with an attitude.

“Nall man, it’s just that you getting old.”

Sean was annoyed by the comment. He kept eye balling his rearview mirror to see if the police were coming. “What are you talking about man?”

“I was watching you. It took you two swings to take that little young nigga down. Back in the day one swing and it was all she wrote.”

Sean stared back at his brother in law with disapproval. There was an awkward silence then they both broke out into loud laughter.

“Nigga you stupid!” Sean said laughing.

“Man I ain’t think you still had in it you.”

“Man them young boys don’t want none.”

“Hell nall they….ain’t that your truck right there?” Robert said as the truck riding in the opposite direction sped pass them.

“Man I’m going beat they ass, bust a u-turn and follow they silly asses back to the building.”

Robert made a u-turn, sped up, and cut the truck off. Sabrina startled by the move slammed on the brakes. Sean jumped out of the car before it came to a complete stop. Rushing the driver’s seat he looked through the window and saw Sabrina sitting alone at the wheel eyes full of tears.

“Where’s your sister?”

“When you told us to go home she begged me to drive around the block and drop her back off to Joey.” She answered as she wiped the tears from her face.

“Why didn’t you listen to me and go home?”

“She wants to keep her baby, she’s afraid you’ll make her get an abortion she’s scared daddy!” Sabrina yelled out hysterically.

Sean ran his fingers through his hair. “Get out, go get in the car with your uncle.”

She didn’t say a word as she got out of the truck and did what her father said. Robert got out and stood with his door open. “What you going do?”

“I’m going back to get Jahzara.” He slammed the door closed and pulled off.


“Man fuck that we airing them old niggas out tonight!” The young boy yelled adamantly at his older brother as he held a wet towel to his bloody mouth.

“We going get him be cool though bro, bro.” Joey said trying to calm him down.

“Be cool, too late for that shit look at my mouth!” He yelled as he dropped the towel to the ground and kicked it. “They knocked my fucking teeth out, I’m killing them niggas.”

Joey grabbed his younger brother by the neck and forcefully pulled him into a hug. He whispered into his ear. “We going merc them niggas but we ain’t got to announce that shit to the whole hood.”

“I don’t give a fuck who know I’m going….”

“Jooeeeey!” Jahzara yelled from behind.

Joey turned and saw Jahzara from across the parking lot approaching. “Like I said be cool she going take us to em but not if you talking all crazy and shit.” He let his brother go and waived her over towards him.


“I’m doing what I can Tonia, damn besides if you would’ve paid more attention to her in the first place we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“Fuck you Sean don’t you dare try to…”

Sean hung up and threw the phone on the back seat. He approached the parking lot as he saw Jahzara near Joey and his brother.

“There go one of them old niggas right there.” The young boy said as he dashed to his car and hopped in.

“Hold on bro, bro.” Joey said as he ran towards his brother. The young boy turned the car on and pulled off. Joey snatched the driver’s door open as he pulled off and the boy lost control of the car. Swerving to gain control he hit Jahzara sending her flying into the air. She hit the gravel and slid. Sean jumped out and ran to his daughter. Dropping to his knees he cradled her head as blood ran from her mouth.


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