Proud Mary (Movie Review)

Proud Mary staring Taraji P. Henson was a damn good action movie! Upon seeing the trailer for the first time I was excited just to see her playing a different role, a no nonsense, sexy, bad ass hit woman! I was all in for this. Right from the gate I knew she had a lot stacked against her being that the film recieved next to no promotion, then upon it's release I read the reviews and saw that it underperformed at the box office opening weekend, that still didn't deter me from going to see it.

Proud Mary a story about an orphanded girl taken in by an organzied crime family in Boston ran by crime boss Ben played by veteran actor Danny Glover. Mary was sent to execute a hit on a bookie and leaves a surviver, the victim's son. After the hit she has a guilty concious and befriends the now orphaned child.

Along the way of taking the child in she creates tension between Ben's crew and a rival crew, trying to escape the life and navigate escalating drama and become a surrogate mother to the boy she's taken in makes for some good action scenes and heart felt moments in the film.

Now when watching this I had a few thoughts. One: I thought this movie was good as hell! Two: I questioned if I thought it was good because it had a Black female lead? The answer to that was honestly no! I love action movies and a good story. Proud Mary had both, she was a total bad ass, she definintely took care of business. As far as the story goes it was a bit patchy in some parts of the movie but overall it was a good story.

I had to put it all in context so I thought about the last movie that I saw that was similar to this, and that would have to be John Wick starring Keanu Reeves. Now as I said previously I love a good action movie so yes I did enjoy John Wick and the sequel John Wick 2 and in my opinion Proud Mary was the better film of the three if I have to go off of "story" Proud Mary beats John Wick hands down.

If you are looking for a good film with action and story be sure to check out Proud Mary.

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