Wild 100's


“I’m telling you papi it’s all there.” St. Louis said as he reached underneath the kitchen sink and removed the triple beam scale walking back into the dining area and setting it on the table in front of the man he was doing business with. Five hundred grams of raw cocaine sat on the table in front of him.

“Look you not my freend okay? Cut it weeth de papi sheet okay? I no trust nobody we weigh, I pay, I go.”

St. Louis laughed as he sat in the chair across from him, flashing a gold tooth smile. “However you want it. Where’s the money?”

The man ignored the question as he continued placing the product on the scale. St. Louis tried not to let his nervousness show this was his first time doing a deal this big the work wasn’t even really his he had been given the cocaine on consignment from his uncle. This was his chance to prove he wasn’t a fuck up, that he could be an important part of his uncle’s organization.

“It looks good to me my freend.” The man said as he stood from the table and began placing the product in a brown handled paper bag.

“Well it don’t look good to me, where the fuck is my money?” St. Louis said with his best tough guy impression he could squeeze out. The man reached underneath his black plaid flannel before St. Louis could respond he had a 9 mm Luger pointed at the tip of his nose. As the man cocked back and was about to squeeze St. Louis sprayed shit into his pants. “You nazty fuck, you have no mann…” Before his sentence was finished two pops from a .38 echoed through the small apartment. The back of the man’s head ripped open as part of his brains splashed and hit Amerie who stood holding the smoking pistol in the face and neck the rest hit the ceiling.

“Holy Fuck!” St. Louis screamed out as he swallowed forcing down the vomit that was about to come out.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my god…..” Amerie mumbled over and over again staring at nothing in particular, smoking gun still in hand. Amerie was his woman they had only met a month prior and she’d already moved in. She stared and mumbled, not moving, not showing any emotion as if she were almost in a catatonic state.

“Baby, hand me the piece okay?” St. Louis said as he stood from the table and attempted to walk towards Amerie. “Don’t touch meeeeeeee!” She screamed out as she backed away and balled into a corner on the floor rocking back and forth pulling her hair still mumbling to God.

St. Louis backed away as he removed his shirt and began wiping down the table and everything he touched in the kitchen. “I’m going give you a few minutes baby to get it together while I clean up but you got to get it together we got to go!” Amerie didn’t respond she continued rocking. Ten minutes later St. Louis stood with all that he owned and Amerie’s few possessions grabbing the dead man’s gun and the brown paper bag with the coke he stepped towards Amerie and kneeled so that he was eye level with her.

“You ready baby, I have your things let’s go.” Amerie continued mumbling her prayers to God as she clutched the murder weapon never ceasing her rocking motion. “You got it bad baby girl, I got to go you coming or what?” St. Louis said as he stood and slowly backed away from Amerie. Still no response, he left her things on the table turned and left out of the apartment.

12 Hours Later

Ms. Jackson, Amerie’s mother sat at the blood stained/coffee stained table in the interrogation room at the precinct on 35th and Michigan holding Jasmine, Amerie’s 3 year old daughter. Tears covering her face as two over weight white detectives with sloppy hair, sloppy suits, and foul breath that smell of tobacco and cheap coffee.

“St. Louis? No first or last name?” The lead detective asked as he placed a cigarette in his mouth, lit it, and blew the smoke in Ms. Jackson’s face. She frowned at the rude gesture as she pulled Jasmine’s face closer to her bosom.

“That’s all that girl told me, I swear I told her over and over again leave them knuckle head, good for nothing niggas alone they wasn’t nothing but trouble. Now look at my baby done gone and let that boy run off and leave her holding the bag. Lord you got to know she wouldn’t do something like this.”

The detective stared at Ms. Jackson with contemptuous eyes. “No we don’t know that ma’am when officers were dispatched to the scene of the crime your daughter was sitting in the corner mumbling to herself refusing to lower her weapon she’s damn lucky she wasn’t killed.”

“No one there but her and the deceased, so all we know the dead guy on the floor was her boyfriend this St. Louis you keep talking about.” The officer said speaking up for the first time.

“Just ask my baby, I raised her right she’ll tell the truth I…”

“We asked her ma’am she isn’t responding we put her on suicide watch.”

“Oh God, what do I do now?”

The detective sighed as he walked across the room to where Ms. Jackson sat and slid a manila folder across the table in front of her. She opened the folder and stared down at the paper.

“What you’re looking at ma’am is a signed confession from your daughter.”

“Confession?” Ms. Jackson uttered as her tears hit the paper.

“Yes ma’am about three hours ago she confessed to everything and…”

“And why did you take me through all of this?” Ms. Jackson said as she angrily stood and made her way towards the door.

“I didn’t ma’am it was my partner he felt sorry for the girl and thought that….”

Ms. Jackson opened the door and walked out not waiting to hear the rest of the officer’s remark. He walked behind her stopping at the door. “She goes up for sentencing next week, if you give a damn!” He yelled out as she kept walking ignoring his outburst.

1 Year Later

Amerie sat on the bottom bunk of her 8x10 cell reading mail she received from her mother.


Life sure is different without you, not better not worst just different. Jasmine and I still pray for you every night she just got to the point where she doesn’t ask when you’re coming home anymore thank God for that. I know it sounds harsh but that damn girl would bring me to tears every night with that question, selfish of me huh? I been running on and on, how have you been? You been reading the Bible I sent to you? Lord Child I hope you been eating girl, you not eating not going hurt nobody but you. Rode out to see you last week after two hours of driving when I get there they tell me you can’t have any visitors your butt done been put in the hole for fighting. Thought Jasmine was going be upset she took it extremely well. Saw that girl you used to run around with Rochelle walking round here with a big belly, say she almost due. She walking round with her nose in the air like her stuff don’t stink thinking she done made it cause she have designer clothes and Dooney & Burke purses, riding in a Benz say the baby daddy that fool you in there for St. Louis. I told you not to trust that ol fast tail girl. Olivia been hanging out with them boys from over in Roseland heard she just got out of county for a robbery charge. Well I got to get back to cleaning these greens, got a pot of chitterlings on the stove. By the time you get this letter Thanksgiving will have come and gone so keep praying and try your best to enjoy your holiday.

Love you baby,


Amerie climbed from her bunk neatly placed the letter back into the envelope placing the envelope with her things in the small box underneath her bed. She made her way down the tier to the library. Grabbing a law book on appeals she sat at the table and closed her eyes.

2 Years Before

Amerie stood modeling her 5’3 caramel complexioned, solid frame in the mirror. She smiled a seductive smile to herself as she ran her hands down her curvaceous ass.

“That bitch think she cute.” Rochelle said as she broke down the weed buds on 2Pac’s Me against the World CD case. Olivia sang along to 2Pac’s Krazy as she continued getting dressed.

“Bitch please, you know I’m cute, you jealous!”

“Jealous?” Rochelle said setting the CD on the table she stood, walked over to the dresser, curled her lips, grabbed the dresser with both hands tooting her ass in the air she dropped to the floor and came back up dancing. “Let me see that tootsie roll, tootsie roll, tootsie roll, let me see that tootsie roll!”

The other two girls began laughing. “Just cause you got your ho dance down packed don’t make you cuter than me.” Amerie said as she passed Olivia a lighter to spark the freshly rolled blunt. They smoked the blunt and twenty minutes later were riding down I-94W & Dan Ryan headed to the Robert Taylors for a house party. Her mother warned her about going to house parties especially in the projects. Amerie wasn’t worried her homeboy Big G was going be there he was plugged with the folks on the Low End so she knew they would be safe from bogus acting niggas she wasn’t worried about the females her and her girls could hold they own on that end. Twenty-five minutes later they were parking and headed to where they heard the music playing.

“Hey baby, yeah you light skin come here.” A young thuggish looking boy clutching a 40 oz bottle, with baggy jeans, dusty Jordan’s, and nappy corn rolls yelled out towards Amerie. The three girls all picked up their pace ignoring the boys. He took the final swig from his beer and threw the empty bottle to the ground.

“Damn bitch you can’t speak?”

Amerie knew that they were too far from the housing building that the party was in to avoid this confrontation and Big G was nowhere in sight. She turned with an attitude.

“I said hi damn?”

He flashed a smile with a mouth full of gold grills. “Why you got to say it with a attitude light skin?”

“I ain’t got no attitude but why I got to be a bitch?” Rochelle and Olivia both grabbed her arm and pulled at her to follow them.

“Come on girl we got to go G probably looking for us.” Rochelle said trying to get away from the boy.

“Slow down baby girl don’t you see me and light skin getting to know each other.”

Amerie rolled her eyes. “My girls’ right we got people waiting on us maybe some other time.”

“People, who, who yall know over here anyway, where yall from?”

Amerie thought this might be a good time to do some name dropping maybe this lame might back off she thought to herself.

“Our homeboy invited us to this little get together maybe you know him they call him Big G.”

“All yeah, I know folk’s I ain’t know that was ya peoples.”

“Yeah, well like I said we got to keep it moving.”

“Aight, light skin look the lil folk’s going walk yall over there make sure don’t nobody fuck with yall.”

The three girls looked at the three boys approaching them and began laughing they had to be no older than twelve.

“That’s cute but that’s okay we can take care of ourselves.”

The ringleader of the three boys lifted his shirt to reveal the butt of a nine millimeter. “We insist light skin, Big G a fuck us up he knew we let yawl go off alone and something happened to yall. Plus I know yall ain’t trying to walk through the halls at night you know it’s dark as shit niggas be smashing the light bulbs .”

The three girls shrugged their shoulders not saying another word and let their armed escorts walk them to the party. Walking through the hall it was just as they said it was dark as hell Amerie removed a lighter and flicked a flame as all three girls clutched on to a boy’s t-shirt following on their heels to the sound of the music. The party was on the third floor but the elevator was broken so they took the stairs, the hall reeked of vomit and piss. A drunk startled the girls coming around the corner down headed down the stairs taking them by surprise. The three boys laughed when the girls screeched from being startled. Once in the party the girls chilled near the door surveying the scene and looking to see if they could spot Big G. The apartment was elbow to elbow with people. It wasn’t long before they were on the dance floor with drinks in their hands. After dancing to three songs back to back Amerie looked around for her friends she knew how Rochelle’s mouth was once her liquor started kicking in and a fight was bound to break out. Project females didn’t like females from other neighborhoods coming around they were territorial about the men from their neighborhoods. After heading back to the front door where they had been standing she decided to look for her friends in the bathroom. Halfway through the crowd she felt someone grab her by the waist.

“Wait a minute nigga don’t be…” Before she finished her sentence and faced the man that had his hands on her she saw that it was Big G.

“Dang girl it’s like that?”

“Boy I ain’t know who you was.” She said with a smile on her face.

“Um, hmm.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he bent his 6’6; 300 lb frame down and wrapped her in his arms. “Damn you smell good girl.”

She pulled away and took a good look at him. “Shit you do too.”

“Thank you, where are ya girls?”

“Your guess as good as mine, was just looking for them.”

“Don’t get lost; I want a dance before the set over.”

“For sho.”

“Bitch, why is you all up in my man’s face?”

Amerie turned her attention from Big G to the woman who stood in a group of four other girls. “It ain’t even like that sweetie, G get ya bitch before I do something to her.”

“You ain’t better than us bitch coming down here trying to steal other bitches niggas.”

“Like I said it ain’t…” Before she could finish her sentence Big G pushed her behind him blocking her from the group of women.

“Look girl I told you before you ain’t got no claims to me I talk to who the fuck I want to when the fuck I want to, you and them dusty bitches get the fuck on with that bullshit.”

“We ain’t going no mother fucking where!”

Rochelle and Olivia both appeared from out of the crowd clutching beer bottles standing next to Amerie.

“You good girl?” Rochelle asked never taking her eyes off the group of girls.

“She straight.” Big G said still trying to diffuse the situation. Rochelle asked again.

“Amerie you straight sis?”

“Yeah I’m good, let’s get up out of here though.”

“Bitch please, we ain’t letting these dusty ass, lame, fucked up weave wearing, stank pussy, bottom feeding, broke bitches run us off!” Olivia said speaking up for the first time.

“Please believe we ain’t running off, but look around this shit ain’t even cracking let’s roll.”

Amerie said as she gave Big G another hug. “Call me when you get free G.”

“I’ll walk yall to the car.” Big G said as he followed the girls out onto the street.

“Fucking round on the low end.” Olivia said laughing.

“What’s wrong with the low end, boogee ma fucka?” Big G asked only half joking.

Olivia laughed it off. “You joking right?”

“Man whatever.” Big G said shaking his head, as he heard the females from the party following behind them talking shit.

Amerie and her two friends picked the pace up hurriedly making it back to their car.

“Yeah that’s right yall better get the fuck out of here broke bitches!” The girl from the party yelled out as her friends amped her up.

“They don’t want it girl, we’ll stomp a mud hole in them punk bit