Don't Sleep on Sleepy!

I must admit this is my first time reading a title by Brian W. Smith and I was a bit apprehensive about reading a mystery novel by this author. I am glad that I squashed that and got into it, I should had read this book a long time ago! This was a really good read, I like books where I can actually picture the characters and they come to life inside my mind, where I no longer view them as characters but they actually morph into memories as if I'm thinking about something I've experienced with someone I knew. Brian did just that with Sleepy and Lizzy. The story line was actually good I enjoyed following Lizzy and her partner as they followed the clues and hunt down suspects. Sleepy was the perfect example of a wise detective/maternal father. Thank you Brian for providing not only a great story but for also providing examples of literary work by African American's that go beyond the what is already being portrayed in the literary world. Look forward to reading the next Sleepy Carter novel.

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