The school bell rang signaling the end of the school day the wild and rambunctious kids of Murphy Junior High School rushed to the streets like a pack of wild wolves on a fleeing jack rabbit. Well all accept one; Ike Nelson took his time exiting the building on the hot summer day. Strolling out as if he didn't have a care in the world. At 13 yrs, old he was small for his age. 75 lbs, 4'9, mostly skin and bones. It wasn't his fault though it was his mother's she had smoked crack when she was pregnant with him through her entire term. He didn't have any brain defects or health issues other than his height and weight. Walking with one strap of his back pack on his shoulder he dropped his bag by the door and kept walking. Both hands in his pockets a nasty smile crept across his face. Heart pumping like crazy; he felt his adrenaline boiling in his veins. Never missing a step he spotted a group of boys all bigger than him in height and weight.

T-Ray, Eric, & Roy were huddled together talking and laughing. Just 30 minutes prior they had all been in class together and they were making fun of Ike because of his size and every body in the hood knew that he was a crack baby so that's what they called him "Crack Baby" it was his nick name that all the kids had given him, it had gotten so bad that even the teachers called him Crack Baby. Ike typically let it roll off his shoulders he had thick skin and didn't let what others think of him effect him in one way or another.

But these three had taken it too far, they crossed the line it was no secret that his moms was still smoking. Shit every body knew that and it was evident in the way he came to school dressed. Knock off Air Force One's, and hand me down dusty and faded jeans and shirts he never looked fresh. T-Ray and the rest were all joking and cracking on each other which was fine cause Ike was right there making jokes with the rest of the kids. When Ike got in on T-Ray and the girls in the class started laughing he took it personal and started talking about Ike's moms and how she was sucking dick for crack he even went so far as to say she had sucked his dick.

The class laughed and Eric and Roy joined in adding gasoline to the fire. Ike didn't let his anger show he just kept laughing and joking throwing more verbal jabs at the three boys talking about their parents and living situations cause shit this was the D, nobody was rich every family had an issue in one way or another. So after class they all thought that it was cool, but in Ike's heart it would never be cool, they were enemies for life. Crack head or not she was all he had and although she had issues with her habit he never had a hungry night, he had clothes on his back, and they never were homeless. So he took it to heart as a declaration of war if any one ever insulted his mother. So while all the other kids rushed out side he stayed behind and got prepared. He went into the rest room into a stall and removed his under wear ripping them into two.

After he put his pants back on he wrapped both hands in the under wear. Next he went into the art room grabbed a bottle of glue and made his way to the cafeteria. Digging around in the trash until he found two glass bottles he made his way back to the bath room broke both bottles in the sink smashing them with a school book. He then removed the cap from the glue and poured it on his hands that were wrapped in his torn under wear. Finally he dipped both hands in the broken glass until all of his knuckles were shining with broken glass.

T-Ray was the biggest so Ike went for him first; he figured the other two would probably just run any way. T-Ray had at least two feet and a hundred pounds on Ike. Ike increased speed as he jumped up throwing T-Ray in a head lock he pulled him down to his size throwing a knee to the face all in the process. Letting go T-Ray dropped to his knees as blood squirted from his nose. The other two boys stood in shock as Ike began throwing blow after blow to T-Ray's face. The shards of glass tore into his face ripping his skin leaving cuts and tearing tissue.

Eric and Roy ran as Ike just kept throwing punch after punch it was evident that he had won the fight but he couldn't stop. A puddle of blood had begun to form. A crowd commenced cheering the fight on Ike felt a rush flow to his brain as he was snatched off of the boy and thrown across the school yard about six feet. At first he thought it was a teacher until he was air borne, hitting the cement and sliding. Before he could gain composure Eric and Roy were holding him down while another boy John, that was T-Ray's older brother he was 16 yrs. old punched him taking up for his little brother.

Ike never the one to give up easily still talked shit as he took the blows struggling to get free. As John was prepared to throw another blow to Ike's now bloody face he dropped to his knees as an ear shattering screech leaped from his throat. Jason stood behind him clutching a thick piece of wood. Jason went to the school too. He saw the unfair fight and decided to jump in. As John lay on the ground back in unbearable pain Jason stood over him and brought the piece of wood down across both of his knees and both of his hands.

By this time the other two boys had let Ike go and tried to run he caught them both and began to beat them up at the same time. Finally the police had arrived and had all of the fighters cuffed and separated they put Ike and Jason in the principal’s office. They both sat in silence as the principal talked in the hall to the police.

“Why you do that man? You caught up in my shit now.” Ike asked examining his knuckles pulling shards of glass out.

“It wasn’t a fair one, plus I ain’t never like that bitch ass nigga John any way.”

“Well any way thanks dude I appreciate it.”

“Fuck it man, don’t trip fuck them hoe ass niggas picking on little niggas and shit.”

“Don 't get it twisted little or not I can handle my shit.”

Jason huffed. “Yeah what ever nigga you ain’t talk that shit when them niggas had yo little ass up against the wall.”

“Fuck out of here I would have got out of that shit eventually don’t be acting like a nigga owe you or some shit like that I ain’t ask for your help in the first place.”

“Ungrateful ass niggas, it's cool though.” Jason stood up, and looked down on Ike who was still sitting in the chair staring up. Jason pointed his finger in Ike's face poking his forehead. “Next time um going let em beat yo ass, Crack Baby!”

As the words left his mouth Ike pushed Jason out of his face and he flew across the principal’s desk. Before he hit the floor good Ike was around the desk ready to pounce on Jason but Jason always ready to fight himself tackled Ike as soon as he turned around the desk. Wrestling on the floor the principal’s door flew open.

“What the fuck is yall in here doing?” The principal yelled out with his arms folded.

Both boys stopped, looked at each other and began laughing.

The principal felt disrespected, frowning up at Ike and Jason as they continued to laugh about their brief scuffle. He walked towards the door grabbing the handle and slammed the door, forcing the items posted on his walls to shake.

“You two think it's funny to act like animals out here? You already have the reputation as being a low life crack child Ike and you Jason; don't let me get started on your track record around here! You know what Jason? I'm glad your uncle beat your ass the way he does. I should have just let them thrown yo dumb asses in the juvenile detention center. Little stupid motherfuckers!”

Without any remorse the principal stared at the boys like they were less than human.

The principal's below the belt comments grabbed the boys’ attention as their smiles turned into offended frowns.

Damn, his uncle beats his ass? Ike thought as he stared at the principal with a stone cold stare.

"So what are you trying to ssssay?" Jason stuttered to say as he sat up in his chair. Jason's eyes were dark and furious. His brows were rumpled into a line across his dark forehead as he fixed his eyes on Principal Jackson.

The Principal leaned over onto his desk, clinching his fist as his jaw muscles tightened with anger.

“Don't think for once you can beat my ass little bastard. I come from the same streets that you are growing up in. Don't get it twisted.” Principal Jackson paused, turning his attention to Ike.

“And what do you have to say little crack bastard? The principal asked as he glanced over to Ike.”

"Is this the part when I should be scared Principal Jackson? Cause if these niggas out here calling me Crack Baby everyday doesn't bother me, then your little words can never faze me. I've heard my grandmother say harder shit than that to people in church." Ike said with a calm voice as Jason remained demented next to him.

Principal Jackson shook his head feeling annoyed by the two boys’ lack of respect not only for him but for themselves.

"Whatever. It's your life." Principal Jackson said as he walked over to his chair and sat down.

"I'm suspending both of you for a week. Next time it will be an expulsion. Understood?"

The boys didn't respond as their demeanor remained the same, watching Principal Jackson's every move.

"Now get out of my damn office!"

Ike and Jason slowly stood up and walked out of the office. Jason stopped and turned around, looking at Principal Jackson directly in his eyes.

"Straighten up your face little motherfucker and pull up your pants." Jason wanted to say something, but he knew Principal Jackson would just call his uncle. He rather take that lost from Jackson than deal with his ass crazy uncle. He slowly closed the office door, staring at Principal Jackson with rancor in his slanted eyes.

"He really thinks I give a fuck about being out of school? I don't want to be in this dirty ass school anyway. Ike said as they walked out of the office."

"Yeah right little nigga. You just glad John and his brother can't beat that ass for the next 5 days." Jason said with a devilish laugh.

Whatever dude. You the one was scared. In there stuttering while you talk. Wha, wha, what you tryna sa, sa, say."

"Real funny little nigga, real funny. Where are you from? I know you and your mother live around the way, but I only been seeing you around here for like two years."

"I'm from Fox Creek. Where they're known for knocking niggas out at." Ike said as he rubbed his hands together.

"Fox Creek. I have family over there, but they don't be knocking niggas out."

"Then they must be the ones getting knocked out?" Ike said with a laugh.

"Yeah, whatever nigga. You already seen my skills out here in the streets. From 8 years old to 28 years old. I'm out to take niggas heads off if they cross paths with me, disrespecting. You know how it is out here in Detroit."

"What's up now bitch?" John yelled as him and about 6 other goons walked towards Ike and Jason from behind the school.

"Jason, I'm swinging on the biggest nigga and then I'm getting ghost."

"Ghost? Fuck that, I'm about to let these lames feel it." Jason yelled as he squared up.

Just as John and his crew crossed the street a police car pulled up in front of the school. The group of boys slowed up their pace when they noticed the officer getting out of his car.

"What is going on out here?" The officer asked as he approached Ike and Jason.

No one said anything as the group of boys tried to walk pass Ike and Jason, as if they didn't have anything to do with them.

"Hold on fellas. Where are you going? I just saw you come from behind the school."

Everyone remained silent.

"Let's not all speak at once." The officer said as he stared at Ike, Jason, and John standing next to each other.

"Well. Like I said Jason. I'm swinging on the biggest one and then I'm ghost." Ike said as he swung at John, hitting him in the eye.

John stumbled back from the unexpected blow as Ike took off like a car at the Indy 500. Out of pure reaction, Jason took off behind Ike, eluding the officer and the other goons that were on chase behind them.

"Stop running you black bastard!" the out of shape officer struggled to say as he tried to keep up with Ike and Jason through the school yard. Only two of the boys ran after Ike and Jason, but they stopped when the officer slowed down. Ike and Jason hopped the flimsy gate, darting down the alley like a track and field team. They ran a few blocks, and cut through a backyard that leads to a one way street not too far from Jason's house.

"Damn, you crazy as hell!" Jason said with a heavy breathing laugh.

"Scarface said all you have is your Balls and your word. And I need both of them." Ike joked as he leaned over gasping for air.

"Let's go to my house and chill until my uncle get home. Then we have to leave cause he is going to be on one."

As Ike and Jason walked through the yard they could here loud music playing.

"Damn. I think my uncle is home." Jason said as they walked towards the street.

"So what. Lets go, I'm thirsty as hell."

Jason wanted to say no, but he figured his uncle wouldn't show his demonic side while Ike was there.

"Fuck it, let's go." Jason said as he searched for his door keys in his pockets. "Damn, I must've lost my keys when we were fighting."

"Just knock on the door. You know he's home, because of that old ass music he's playing. Nigga still listening to Rapping 4Tay."

"Yeah, I know." Jason said with a chuckle as he knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Jason's uncle yelled from the other side of the door.

"It's me, J" Jason said hoping his uncle wouldn't start tripping.

"Where is your key at?"

"I left it over Ike's house. His mother just dropped us off, but he needs to use the phone so he can tell her to bring back my keys."

"How many times I told ya ass to stop losing your key? Your ass just don't listen!" He yelled, unlocking the hollow door.

Ike started to laugh, cause he could tell that Jason's uncle was drunk by his slurred speech.

"I know all this motherfucker does is drink and chase hookers."

Jason's uncle opened the door, staring at Ike with an evil grin.

"Thanks. This is Ike, Ike this is my Uncle Kenny."

Ike reached out to shake hands with Kenny, but Kenny didn't extend his hand.

"The only time I shake hands, is at the beginning of fights. So go on with that soft shit."

Ike stood there with a dumb look on his face as Jason shook his head with embarrassment.

"Mike go ahead in Jason's room. Jason will be in there in a second."

Ike frowned up and shook his head. He just called me Mike? Ike thought to himself.

"Hold on Ike Just wait right here." Jason said, hoping Ike wouldn't leave him in there with his uncle.

"Jason you either can let him see this or not. It doesn't make any difference to me?"

"My room is the first door on your left." Jason mumbled as he dropped his shamed face to his chest.

Ike walked into the hallway and stopped. Pretending to enter Jason's room as he heard Kenny's voice.

"How do you want it? Head or gut bitch?" Uncle Kenny said as he held his clenched fist in Jason's face.

"Gut." Jason, whispered as he Verb Confusion (consider revising) his eyes.

"I'm going to make an executive decision on this one. Let's go with the head!" Kenny said as he punched Jason in the mouth.

Jason stumbled back, dropping to his knees, as blood dropped from his mouth onto his shirt.

"Stupid ass! What did I tell you about losing your fucking keys! You can't catch on to shit!" Kenny yelled as he walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the freezer. Kenny placed the cold beer on his hand as Jason struggled to stand.

"Let's go Ike." Jason painfully yelled as he stood to his feet and walked towards the door.

"I hate that motherfucker I'm going to kill him one day!" Jason yelled as he scampered through the front yard.

"Wait up Jason." Ike yelled as he followed Jason.

"I swear to God, the first motherfucker look at me wrong is getting knocked out. I put that on my mother's grave."

Ike didn't say a word as Jason continued to rant about his uncle. It was not his place to say anything about what happened bac