Adrenaline Freak

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God….” Angelo moaned a loud as he felt Diablesa's warm, tight snatch grip his pole and release it, it was obvious she had him under her control as he closed his eyes he felt her thighs shutter as the nectar from her passion fruit rained down on top of him.

“You trying to fucking kill us? Open your eyes nigga!” Diablesa screamed out as she wrapped her arms around his neck, moved to the side and continued riding him more fiercely as she felt his erection get harder.

Holding on to Diablesa with one arm, and gripping the steering wheel of the half a million dollar car with the other he smashed the gas sending the XKR-S Jaguar Convertible to a 150 mph. Zigzagging in between cars on the I-5 it was as if they were the only two in the world that existed. Him, Diablesa, and Jaguar the other patrons trying to get home from work alive and safe didn't exist, his troubles of the world, or the two dozen Los Angeles police cars behind them with their sirens blaring didn't matter.

He loved her and he would do whatever it took to make sure she was happy and safe. Diablesa looked down into his face and licked her lips she brushed the long flowing hair from her face as she pressed her lips against his, pushing her tongue into his mouth. She sucked his tongue as if it held the ingredients to the key of life and she would die at any moment if she didn't suck as much of it as she could.

Police cars behind them, police cars ahead with a barricade blocking the high way, police and news reporters in helicopters overhead Angelo came to a screeching halt in the center of the freeway as Diablesa bounced viciously up and down on his dick letting go of the steering wheel he grabbed her by the hips and began jerking her back and forwards as she bounced up and down panting and sweating both lost in their own worlds ignoring the police warnings over the bullhorn.

Climaxing at the same time they let out vicious howls like wild hyenas mating. Diablesa dug her nails into his neck blood ran down his back as he pulled her hair yanking her head back. The police opened fire riddling the car with bullets both their bodies shook and twitched as if they were having a seizure.

……….then everything went black!


In the beginning there was…..

Jasmine rose from bed at 12 p.m. sluggish. Wiping the cold from her eyes she made her way to the bath room stepping over her little cousins and aunties who were still asleep on the floor. Walking down the hall of the small two bedroom house she lived in with her parents and eight other people she popped her head into the living room to see who was awake. She was the first one up. She wasn't surprised they had a party last night it was for her birthday she turned 18 today they had an early celebration, didn't end until 6 a.m. going into the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror. She frowned, she felt like shit. Not from all of the drinking she had done last night but on the inside, she was in a slump no matter what she did depression was becoming a part of her normal routine.

Staring into the mirror she saw what other people saw, a young, beautiful, mixed, 18 yr. Old girl as she stared deeper into her own eyes in the reflection from the mirror. She began to cry she saw something else, something that scared her. Something she knew she couldn’t run from.

Jasmine was the third oldest child born from a Mexican mother immigrated from Chiapas, Mexico and a hard working Black man from Youngstown, Ohio. She had all the right curves in all the right places she got that from her mama along with her sassy attitude. But her beautiful bronze complexion was all her daddy's doing. Jasmine had a way with men that she picked up on at a young age. One look at her smile, and those mesmerizing eyes and men would melt like butter. Being that they lived in East L.A. amongst the majority of hard working Spanish speaking people they nick named her Diablesa, Spanish for She-Devil. They say she could breathe, and any man would be under her spell it had to be beautifully evil. Diablesa cracked a smile as she thought about it. Wiping the tears from her face she turned on the shower water, stripped, and climbed in before the water had a chance to get hot. Ten minutes later she was out and in her bed room getting dressed.

She slid on a pair of silk lace boy shorts, and over those a pair of Dereon dazzy dukes that fit her ass snuggly her cheeks hung out and she couldn't button them in the front. Next she put on a pair of hot pink converse sneakers, a matching Deron belly shirt showing off her young perky 38C cups, and flat stomach with the 3K VVS Diamond stud belly ring. Her father had given it to her as a birthday gift. Next she brushed her long black hair and sprayed on some Heat her favorite fragrances and out the door she went. Where she had no idea, her parents told her she needed to find a job if she wasn't going to go to college.

She told them she would be job hunting but the day was as free as the wind and something told her that it would be an interesting day. She hopped into her Maroon 88 Cutlass Oldsmobile and pulled from the block. Her stomach turned as she looked at the same thing she had looked at all of her life. The young Valto's standing on the corners right next to the OG's of the set pedaling poison to the neighborhood. She pulled to the corner in her Boyle Heights neighborhood in East L.A. and rolled down her window “No debe estar en la escuela?” (Shouldn't you be in school?)

He grabbed his crotch and walked up to the window. “No debe estar en la escuela. » (School? That's kid stuff, somebody got to pay the bills Senora.)

“Ser-cuidado papi.” (Be careful papi) She honked the horn and pulled off. 12 yrs old she thought, he'll be locked up later this year if he's lucky if not he'll be dead or strung out before he's fifteen. She wanted to erase the depressing thought she turned on the radio and tuned it to Power 106 Fm. She started grooving when she heard Tyga’s Rack City.

“Man Big Boy is jamming today.”

She rode, highway 101 from L.A. to Compton. Before she knew it she was riding down 2100 N. Long Beach BLVD. The streets were busy as usual; she didn't get to this side of town often.

“Damn it's some fine niggas out here.” She said to herself as she pulled up to a red light and stopped. They were ranting on about the execution of Troy Davis and trying to have it stopped. She shook her head in disgust.

“That poor man.” She made a cross in front of her face and chest and said a quick prayer. Looking into the rear view mirror she felt her heart thump in her chest as the finest specimen of male testosterone her young eyes had ever seen came strutting towards her as if he didn't have a care in the world.

He was 6'0, 275lbs, skin tone the color of cocoa, with neatly braided corn rolls. He wore all black crispy Carhartt shirt and khaki pants, with the all black Chuck Taylors. The light turned green as Diablesa sat stunned.

“Move Bitch!” The angry driver yelled out as he pulled around her sticking up his middle finger. She ignored him and the other drivers as she turned around and smiled at the stranger quickly approaching her. Straight faced he nodded as he reached her car door, snatched it open and shoved her over to the passenger side. The car jerked as her foot was removed from the brake. She jolted to the floor hitting her head on the dashboard. Before she got a word out or realized what was happening he was in the driver’s seat pulling off with one hand on the wheel and one hand pointing a snub nose .38.

Diablesa's eyes grew when she saw the gun. He smirked at her still not saying a word. She remained silent.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” She thought, as she felt her panties get moist.

“And niggas thought it would get better with Obama in office, damn it's fucked up out here niggas jacking bitches for fucked up 88 Oldsmobile’s.”

He remained silent still driving at a moderate speed, constantly checking his rearview.

“Man what the fuck let me out at the next corner and keep this piece of shit.”

He turned the radio off, still never uttering a word as he turned on Florence and Grahm.

“Is you a mute nigga?”

“Look chica, I don't want this piece of shit, be cool, shut the fuck up and I'm out soon as I get back to the hood you can be bout yo way.”

His calm cool demeanor turned her on, how he took charge and was immune to her beautiful evil spell. She brushed the hair from her face, leaned back and placed her feet on the dashboard. “Well at least get that toy out my face.”

He didn't respond. She shot him a look of annoyance. He shot her the same look back as he placed the gun on his lap.

“You a gangster huh? What set you from?” He asked trying to lighten the mood.

“I ain't no banger, you freaking culo, what set you claim?”

“Bitch I don't bang, that shit lame I hustle hoe.”

“My name is Diablesa, it ain't bitch or hoe.” She said rolling her eyes.


“Yeah, Diablesa thank you very much…”

“Yeah, whatever hoe, I ain't trying to be ya friend bitch sit back, be quiet, and put on your seat belt.”

With the gun still on his lap, he clicked on his seat belt, still looking in his rear view mirror. Diablesa was on a verbal tirade. Cursing him in English and Spanish he cut her off, speaking in his calm cool voice that sounded good to her even when he was insulting her that she was making herself be angry with him.

“Get down Diablesa.”

“What did you say to me?” She said folding her arms across her chest.

Gunshots rang out, six shots repeatedly smashing into the rear window shattering the window, glass smacking both of them in the back of the neck and head. She ducked as he began whipping in between cars on the busy street trying to get away.

“I said put ya seat belt on.” He answered laughing.

“This some bullshit, what the fuck you do?”

He kept quiet as the two cars continued following him shooting. He gunned it as he pulled onto a side street.

“You speak that Spanish shit good don’t you?”

“All now you want to be sociable and shit?” She said crouched down on the floor. She peaked up from the floor and glanced out the back window. “They stopped shooting.”

“Yeah, for now any way. Them niggas some hoes they ain't going come up in here.”

“Come up in where?” She asked lifting her head up and looking around the unfamiliar area.

“This a valto hood, just Spanish niggas and police come through here.”

“And you ain't scared?”

“Nall, um cool. I go anywhere in California I want.”

She smiled a flirting smile. “You is a gangster.”

“Nall, um a man and ain't no real man scared to go nowhere on this green Earth, I don't give a fuck Black niggas, White niggas, Spanish niggas, police niggas, bitch niggas, anybody can get it they all bleed like me. Look, I need a new set of wheels soon as I catch one of the Valtos slipping you can have ya car back and I'll be about my way.”

“Have my car back? What about my fucking window?”

“Don't trip lil mama I'll get that shit fixed.”

She sat back fuming. “Why were those guys after you anyway, what you do to them?”

He remained silent as he pulled to a corner and was attempting to turn when he was cut off from the front and the back sandwiched in by two cars. He clutched the .38 still cool. Diablesa pulled her hair back into a ponytail, cracking a slight smile she winked at the stranger holding her captive.

“The fuck you smiling at?” He asked still never moving. Two men from both cars jumped out with guns pointing them in the car.

“Geet de fuck out!”

Diablesa began speaking in Spanish as she climbed out of the car and strutted towards one of the gunmen. The men began to calm down as she flirtingly placed her hand on his chest. She rushed to the car pulled her cell phone from the sun visor and made her way back to the guy she was talking to. Laughing she keyed in his phone number and climbed back into the passenger seat.

“Get us the fuck out of here!” She said through gritted teeth as she continued smiling.

He didn't hesitate, or ask any questions as the car in front of them pulled off he threw the car in drive and jerked from the corner, speeding until he was out of the neighborhood and back on the main boulevard.

“What you say to them niggas man?”

“I told em you was my cousin and we got lost my ex-boyfriend and his friends were popping at us that's why our window was shattered. They ain't believe me at first, thought you were my boyfriend. But they looked closer at my face, they knew I wasn't full Mexican, they gave us a pass. To make shit sweet I took his number and shit.”

He remained silent.


“I ain't say shit.”

“You jealous?”

He shot her a nasty look. She laughed. “You are jealous, Mr. Bad Ass gangster man jealous!”

“Yo um out right here.” He said as he pulled to a bus stop parked and hopped out.

She jumped out and ran around to him cutting him off she pushed him back. “You said you were getting my window fixed, you said you were a man and men keep they word.”

Looking down on her sexy 5'0 frame he cracked a smile. She felt her knees get weak as her nipples hardened.

“I am a man Diablesa.” He reached into his draws and pulled out a small black bag. Opening the bag he grabbed her hand and poured three small diamonds in her hand.

“Can you get those off? That should be more than enough to pay for your window.”

Her eyes widened, she frowned. “What game are you running? How I know these the real deal?”

He tried to snatch the diamonds back from her, but she closed her hand.

“We cool?” He asked looking over his shoulder as he stuffed the bag back in his drawers.

This time she didn't respond as she walked back to her car and climbed in. She pulled off as he began walking. Stepping in a neighborhood corner store he bought a Black N Mild, a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos, and a grape soda. Stepping back outside he ripped the cellophane wrap from the cigar placed it between his lips, lit it and puffed. Walking down the block he paused to crack open his can of soda as he felt the cold steel press against the back of his neck.

“Where my fucking stones at nigga?” The gunman asked calmly and coolly. He was a short pudgy man covered in sweat, sporting a designer suit and black Dobbs hat.

“I ain't got em.” He said as his mind raced trying to figure a way out alive, with the diamonds.

The man pulled the gun from his neck, cocked it back and aimed at his knee. “You want me to cripple you mother fucker?”

The screeching of wheels, mixed with an ear shattering yell, and a single gunshot it all happened so quickly the diamond thief barely had time to react, but he did he immediately hopped in the car with Diablesa as she backed up removing the wheels from the man screaming in agony crushed legs.

The diamond thief smirked. “You is a gangster?”

She remained silent as she peeled from the block running red lights. They both rode in silence as she hopped on the freeway headed back to her neighborhood.

“Where are you going?” He asked as he reclined in his seat and closed his eyes.

“I'm taking you to my barrio.”

“Yeah, why? Why you come back?”

She didn't want to tell him cause she knew that would be the last time she ever saw him. Or because the time that they spent together her being his prisoner was the one time in her short life she ever felt alive. She didn't want to tell him she wanted to pull over on the side of the highway, unzip his pants and suck the life out his dick! She said nothing. She reached over and turned on the radio. Ten minutes later they pulled up to her block. The little BG was still out front hustling. She yelled out the window.

“Hey go tell your uncle I need to talk to him about business and I have a friend with me.”

Mean mugging into the car, with his pubescent face he attempted to stare the diamond thief down. Realizing he wasn't prepared to take it to the next stage, boxing or the guns he dropped his eyes in fear, turned and ran in the house. A few seconds later a short, dark brown guy wearing a black Fedora, a white wife beater that his stomach poked out of, and a pair of beige khaki shorts, white socks and house shoes appeared. The lil valto feeling more courageous now stepped out and continued his stare down. The man nodded, turned, and went back in the house.

“When we get in here let me do all the talking.” She said as she checked her face in the visor mirror.

“Fuck that, who is this nigga?”

“That's Ramone, he can get rid of the diamonds for us.”

“Us? Fuck you mean we ain't partners.”

“You wasn't talking that shit when that nigga was bout to send yo ass to killer King full of holes!” Killer King that's what they called the county hospital “Martin Luther King County Hospital”, Killer King because the service was shitty if you ain't die on the way there you was bound to die in that ma fucka waiting for help.

“You know anything about Diamonds?”

“No but I've known Ramone all my life and I trust him.”