Liar Liar

“There's nothing like soaking your body in hot bath water, with a cold glass of champagne sparkling in your hand. Damn, I love that man. What would I do without him?”

Jade had to shake her head because she couldn't believe that her soon to be husband was spoiling her once again.

“He literally helped me finish this last semester at Akron, and he such a wonderful father to our son, Desmond. A damn good lover and he have my back one hundred percent. My girl Beyonce said it best! “It's very seldom that you're blessed to find your equal.” Jade thought as she took a sip of her chilled Chicquot champagne, while submerging her body deeper into Dayvon's soothing garden bathtub.

Jade has been high off of life lately. Last week she received her bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Akron University graduating on the dean's list for the third consecutive semester. On top of that, she is two days away from becoming Dayvon's wife. Life couldn't get any better. It was too good to be true for Jade. Everything was in order and her life was only going to get better once Dayvon uttered the words “I do.” Until then, Jade's only concern was to follow Dayvon's sexy, mood setting directions that he left for her. Dayvon left the lights dimmed in his 20th floor custom designed condo, with soft jazz music playing in the background. The fresh Glade, Tropical Mist scent hit Jade as she stepped into Dayvon's spacious condo with bags in hand and under her tired eyes. The tropical aroma and the soft jazz music playing from Dayvon's bedroom indicated to Jade that this night could lead to Desmond having an unexpected sibling in about 9 months. Jade knew this would be a special night, because Dayvon doesn't even like jazz music. He was only playing the laid back tunes because it was Jade's preference, and definitely not his. On his marble top dinette table, Dayvon had Jade’s favorite Chinese dish waiting for her to enjoy. After finishing her tasty Orange chicken meal, Jade continued to listen to Dayvon's directions that he recorded for her on a CD, as she unpacked her two small bags, searching for her new lingerie set that she picked up at the Summit Mall in Akron before she left town. His first directions were for Jade to undress and walk into the bathroom to enjoy her hot awaiting bath water. Jade took advantage of the steaming bath water, slowly lathering her body with her Jo Malone Blue Bell body wash. The soft sponge felt good against Jade's tired body as she applied the body wash to her soft, buttermilk toned thighs. She was fresh off of the road, only stopping once for gas during her 6 hour commute from the university. The assuasive bath that Dayvon prepared for her was much needed. Jade closed her eyes so she could clearly hear Dayvon's next directions for her to follow.

“How can I forget about the champagne?” Jade said as she set up in the tub.

Jade opened her eyes briefly, grabbing the cold champagne bottle that Dayvon had set up next to the tub in a bucket of ice. Jade popped the cork like she was a celebrity on Super Bowl Sunday and turned the volume up with her remote, while she sipped the crisp champagne. Dayvon's voice was deep, enticing and calm as it bellowed out of the McIntosh speakers from inside of the bedroom.

“Jade, after you finish enjoying your bath, dry off and take your sexy self into the bedroom. I have your favorite Jazz CD playing. Aren't I'm such a good fiancé?”

Jade chuckled as she continued to listen to Dayvon dictate the evening.

“Relax on the bed and grab the letter off of your pillow that I left for you baby. See you soon.”

Jade smiled and turned off the CD. She quickly rinsed off the body wash and grabbed the Lacoste bath towel from the towel rack. She blotted her damped curly hair and wrapped the towel around her wet body before leaving the bathroom. Jade walked into the bedroom and laid on the pillow top mattress, reaching for the remote that was near the foot of the bed. As she reached for the remote, her towel unfastened, exposing her C-cup breast and neatly trimmed pussy. Jade didn't bother to close the towel, allowing the comfortable A/C air to cool her body. She grabbed the letter from her pillow and immediately caught the accepting scent from Dayvon's Kenneth Cole Black cologne that was lingering in the air.

“He must have sprayed the letter with the cologne I bought for him on his birthday?” Jade whispered as she inhaled the intriguing scent from the letter.

“Yes, he did.” Jade said, after exhaling a breath of satisfaction.

Jade carefully opened the letter and smiled when she saw her name at the top.

“My baby never writes me letters. It must be good if he took his time to write something for me. Let's see.” Jade whispered as she began to read the letter.

Dear Jade,

Damn, I can't believe it's been 7 months already? I can still remember when I came down to your school and proposed to you in the freezing snow, on one knee. The things you go through for love, or lust in my case? I don't have much time to confess all of my wrongdoings in this letter, because I know the drive from Akron is only about six hours. I will keep this short and sweet. All of those weekly visits to see you were a waste of my time, but it is too late to cry over spilled milk. Deep inside I want to say “fuck you” and leave you guessing about what happen to me, but I think it will hurt you more if you knew the truth, lol. You deserve to know the truth and before I leave, I just wanted to get this off of my chest. I do have a heart you know. First, let me apologize to your father for spending twenty thousand dollars on the wedding for us. I must say it would've been a nice event if his daughter wasn't a conniving bitch. You don't have to read that sentence again because yeah, I said “BITCH!” But I'll explain later, since you must know. I never felt so alive until you came into my life 3 years ago. I mean, you were a breath of fresh air to me. I just lost my mother to cancer and I was on the verge of being kicked out of college during my last semester at U.I.C. When I met you, life started to make sense again. My grades were back on track and I was approved for my internship with the Gossett law firm. It was a Friday morning, after a heavy rain fall. I was walking out of the barber shop and you were crossing the street in a red summer dress and red sandals. The first thing I noticed was your Angel perfume blowing in the muggy wind, followed by your embarrassing stumble. You tripped as you came across the street and I helped you up, slightly fondling you in the process. I couldn't help myself because your body was unbelievable to me. Although, you embarrassed from the unexpected fall, you kept that beautiful smile on your face. I introduced myself and soon after, we came back to my place for a drink and casual conversation. Good conversation that led to us having sex for the first time. You remember how many condoms I went through that night with you? I think I broke a record because I couldn't get enough of that wet pussy. Damn, I'm going to miss that. Oh well. When we first hooked up, our sex life was off the charts. I mean, it didn't matter what time of the day it was or where we were at. We had sex like animals. The different positions, and long sessions had me late for class almost every morning for a month. Remember how you use to wake me up with those sexy ass lips wrapped around my dick? Yeah, those were the good ole days. The days when we had trust and real love for one another. It's funny how one thing can change the entire outcome of something that was so perfect. I know you're wondering what I'm talking about, but don't worry, I will explain. We were only together for about 3 months before you got pregnant with Desmond. Yeah, I know it seems funny how I'm calling him by his real name instead of “little man” like I normally do, but you can blame yourself for that one sweetheart. Oh, you thought I wouldn't find out about him not being my motherfucking son? When the grass is cut the snakes will definitely show Jade. If it wasn't for your sister being a hoe like you, I would've never known. I showed up to your apartment with two new outfits for Desmond and your sister started laughing at me. I asked her what was the laughing about and she told me how your trifling ass was playing me with Desmond, claiming he was my child. Jasmine told me that you knew I just received the insurance check from my mother's death and was about to go to law school. So, how she put it “you were about to get paid.” At first, I couldn't believe it because I knew you and I had a deeper bond than that. You were loyal, pure and mines. I thought, but I was wrong. My uncle Rico always told me “No matter how many times you've had sex with a woman, you still don't own that vagina.” I never understood what he was talking about until I found out about you. Just wait, it's about to get good baby. As I was sitting at your apartment talking to Jasmine about you and Desmond, someone knocked on the door. I glanced over at your clock and it was a quarter to midnight. I knew whoever it was at the door wasn't there for you at this time of the night. I assumed he was there for Jasmine, but once again, I was wrong. This tall, dark skinned, lanky ass looking dude walked in with a bag of Chinese food, and before we could speak to one another, your sister yells out “that's Desmond's father right there.” My first reaction was to snap, but I realized, how could I be mad at this man, because my “so call” fiance is a hoe? My player's card would've definitely been revoked if I had of went out like that. So I played it cool, but as the night progressed your sister told us that you weren't showing up because you were out with another dude name Dion. That was a good one on me Jade. You had both of us waiting there for you, and you were out getting fucked by somebody else. Your biological baby daddy and your framed baby daddy, sitting together, looking and feeling dumb as hell. I do remember you saying Dion's name in your sleep and while we were having sex a couple of times, but I played it off because I didn't want to have any tension between us. But that's okay because didn't I warn you that it was about to get good? So after we swallowed a fifth of Grey Goose, Jasmine started to show her true colors in front of me and your baby daddy. She walked into the backroom and came back out in her birthday suit. I'm not talking about that cheap ass outfit you got for her either. I'm talking about ass and titties in our face. At first I didn't want any parts of Jasmine, but after she started to suck my dick, I couldn't resist the deep throat temptation that she was demonstrating. I wouldn't say her head game is better than yours baby, but she can definitely give you a run for your money. Believe that! Your baby daddy didn't show her any mercy. He tossed Jasmine around that apartment like it was a routine that they practice before, hint, hint. I'm not going to lie. I had her climbing the walls as well, but you already know how I get down when I handle my business in the bedroom. It really was a fun night Jade, but I bet it doesn't compare to the night you was having with Dion? Lol. I drove home that night feeling weird about everything. My dick was smiling and smelling like Jasmine's twat but my heart was with you, despite me knowing about your bogus ways. When I made it back to my apartment, I called you, but your phone went straight to the voice mail. I vowed to take this to my grave, but what the hell, this is nothing compared to what you are about to find out. The next day we went to the Park 52 restaurant in Hyde Park. I couldn't even look at you, because I felt so bad about having sex with your sister. Come to think of it, you were acting like your normal self. You didn't give me one sign of guilt from your promiscuous night with Mr. Dion. Only God, Dion and you know what happened. The the rest of the night I couldn't even sleep. I was restless, thinking about your sister and that good pussy of hers. I became addicted to her good sex. Not only hers, but a whole slew of other women as well. I couldn't get enough. It's like the untamed sex lion was unleashed. I became addicted to sexing different women. It became my only thought. It became an addiction that I had to feed on a daily basis.

Whether it was oral or intercourse I had to have it. It didn't matter to me if the woman was black, white, Hispanic, Asian, or Indian. I just had to feel that new pussy. The feeling was better than having money in my hand. I must admit Jade, I'm a sex addict. I wish I had the strength and composure to hide it, but I can't hide it, because I love being one. I know I'm crushing you with this news, but just imagine how I felt when I found out Desmond wasn't my son. I almost buried you. Replaying in my head how another man was in between your thighs, while I was locked up in my room studying for our future. Just the thought of it would drive any man who cared crazy. When I couldn't take it anymore mentally, I planned your demise, but couldn't go through with it. Thank Desmond for that. I didn't want him to be without a mother like me. Not having your mother is a bad feeling that can't be described. That's how hurt I was about Desmond not being my son. I can handle you cheating on me, but Desmond not being my son was hard to accept. The only way I could forget about you gallivanting around town was to find another woman that was ready to spread her legs for me. I use to regret the times when you wanted to have sex and I gave you an excuse. Most of the time I was too exhausted from my previous sexual encounters from that day. Hundreds of one on one sessions, threesomes, and how can I forget about the unforgettable orgies that I had with Jasmine and her buddy, Co Co. I remember one time when you wanted me to come to Akron and spend the entire week with you. While we were texting each other, I had a female over here sucking my dick. She begged for me to stop talking to you, but you wouldn't stop sending text messages. She was sucking my dick so long, that our bath water that we were in turned freezing cold. Yeah Jade, the same tub that you're relaxing in right now. That's where a lot of the magic took place. After we got out of the tub, we headed to the bedroom and she proceeded to moon me without hesitation for the rest of the night. That night, I began to take mental notes about the different women I came across. It became deeper than just having sex. I became a student of sex and it's addictive power. I started to compare my sexual partners to you. I compared them to you, because you were the epitome of good sex to me at the time. That quickly changed shortly after I began to soar my oaks with other women. Their moan, how neat their pussy were trimmed and of course, the overall quality is what I paid attention to the most. Women are different in so many ways when it comes to sex. Some women prefer to have sex slow and passionate, but that was too close to making love for me. If I wanted to make love, I would've driven to Akron to see you, right? I can laugh now, but at the time, I felt so guilty because I knew it wasn't right. But once you fall victim to lust, it's hard to control, or at least it was for me. Remember Latavia? She invited us to go on the ski trip with her and Jasmine last winter. She was the first female I had a threesome with. It was her, me and how can I forget, your row-dog, Jasmine. I told you that your sister was wild. You never listened to me, but it's too late now. The damage is done, and it's going to be hard to forget about the baby making scenes that me and her created in the bedroom. I can easily identify that you and Jasmine are really close sisters, because you both like the same positions. Face south and ass north is what my guys use to call it back in high school. But unlike you, Jasmine didn't let any of my children touch her body or the floor. She made sure that they were safe and secure in her mouth. Just the thought of it, makes him excited down there. I already know, so you don't have to say it. You hate me. Jasmine is wrong, etc, etc, but let's not forget that you started this dysfunctional shit. But to be honest, the only person that is going to be hurt after this is Desmond. That boy didn't ask to come here, and I know he sure wouldn't ask for a trifling ass mother like you if he did. I'm sorry to spoil your parade Jade, but fuck it, you never thought about my feelings. No, what you thought was that I would never find out. I always knew Jade, I just wanted to find the right time to expose your dumb ass. Damn, I'm good. Now your whole family is getting their hair done, and outfits ready this week for a wedding that isn't going to take place. Oh well, fuck all of you lames. Sorry it had to end like this, because we did have some good times together, but like they say, “it is what it is.”

Love or Hate,


Jade couldn't stop her tears from flowing as she stared at Dayvon's name at the bottom of the letter. Her soul was crushed and her mind didn't know when to stop spinning. It was hard for her to swallow the lump of guilt and shock that was embedded in her throat. Her eyes couldn't adjust to the dim room, because her painful tears continued to flow like broken levies over her pupils. She slowly stood from the bed and walked over to her bag. As she searched for her cell phone, she noticed a picture of Dayvon and her on the nightstand. Jade grabbed the picture, rubbing Dayvon's photo with her index finger. Her emotions forced her to toss the picture against the wall, shattering the glass frame into pieces across Dayvon's floor.

“I can't believe this!” Jade screamed as she covered her shamed face with both hands.

Jasmine played me for Dayvon. She fucking lied! Jade screamed as she began to get dress.

Jade quickly grabbed her thin sweater from the back of the chair and walked towards the closet. As she stretched and stood on her tippy toes inside of the walk-in closet, her phone started to ring. Jade rushed to her phone to see if it was Dayvon, but it was a missed call from Jasmine.

Bitch. Jade mumbled as she scrolls down her missed calls list. She dialed Jasmine's number but the call went straight to Jasmine's voice mail.

Jade rushed back to the closet, this time retrieving Dayvon's nickel plated .38 that he kept in a shoe box. Jade quickly checked the gun to see if it was loaded and grabbed her keys off of the mail table that was near the front door. After taking the elevator to the lobby, Jade quickly ran to the parking garage. As she peeled out of the parking garage she tried to call Jasmine again, but her call went to voice mail.

Don't worry Jasmine; you're going to have to answer to me sooner than you think.

Jade merged onto the 290 expressway, weaving in and out of traffic as she drove to Jasmine's apartment that was in Oak Park, with rage in her red, puffy eyes. After her 20 minute commute from downtown Chicago, Jade pulled up in front of Jasmine's apartment building and noticed a group of young men standing in the doorway. She slowly stepped out of the car, trying to hide the gun underneath her sweater as she approached the group of young teens.

“It's a little late for you to be out here baby. I know your man doesn't like you roaming these streets at this time of night?” The young man said as he twisted the cap off of his Country time Lemonade.

We will be just fine. Jade said as she waved the loaded pistol in the teen's face.

Okay lil mama, she must have caught her man cheating or something? The young man joked as the other boys began to laugh.

Jade walked past the young men and headed towards the stairs. Jasmine's apartment was on the 3rd floor. Giving Jade enough time to conceal the pistol before confronting her sister. As she reached the 3rd floor, Jade carefully looked around, but the hallway was empty. Jade began to walk through the quiet hallway, trying her best to hold the gun, but she was more nervous than a catfish at a fish fry as she approached Jasmine's door, uncertain about what was about to happen. She softly knocked on the door, covering the peep hole with her thumb. Jade could hear movement coming from inside of the apartment as she pressed her ear against the wood door.

“Who is it?” Jasmine yelled from the other side of the door, startling Jade.

“It's Jade. Let me in Jasmine.”

Jasmine looked out of the peep hole, but couldn't see anything because it was covered.

“Jade? Why are you covering the peep hole?” Jasmine asked in a nervous voice.

“Just let me in Jasmine, these thirsty fools out here is hounding me.”

Jasmine began to unlock the door as Jade looked around the empty hallway. After unlocking the two dead bolts, Jasmine slowly opened the door.

“Come in.” She hesitated to say as she and Jade caught eyes. It was something strange about Jasmine's look. She was wearing all black and the lights were off in her apartment. It was a strong stench in the air as Jade walked into the front room.

“Why is it so dark in here? Is everything alright Jasmine.”

“Yeah. Why wouldn't it be?” Jasmine answered in a crackling voice.

Jasmine's behavior was unusual to Jade.

What are you doing here so late Jade? I thought you and Dayvon would be together?” Jasmine said turning her head away from Jade.

Jade sat down on the couch by the window. She glanced around the room to see if she could locate the awful smell that was lingering in Jasmine apartment.

I think you have a dead mouse or something in here Jasmine, Jade said as she continued to survey the dark apartment.

Jade stood up from the couch and began to walk around Jasmine's living room, wiping the dust off of her furniture like a mother visiting her daughter that is away at college.

“What are you doing Jade?” Jasmine asked as she cut her eyes at Jade.

Jade ignored Jasmine and walked towards the kitchen, trying to hype herself up enough to confront her older sister. Jasmine was a couple of years older than Jade. Although, Jasmine had the sexy features and vixen physique, she was more of a brawler than a lover when they were growing up on the South side of Chicago. Not only did the other females in the neighborhood fear her, but Jade did as well after experiencing a numbering of first hand beat downs.

“Fuck this. I have to say something to her! Why did you lie to Dayvon Jasmine? You fucking ruined my life. I was supposed to get married this weekend. What the fuck is wrong with you? Jade continued to rant as she walked towards Jasmine.

“You need to stop right there Jade. I don't mind getting blood on my hands again.” Jasmine slowly pulled a small kitchen knife from underneath her shirt. The dull looking knife had blood smeared across the blade and handle.

“That smell you was talking about is…” Jasmine paused and smile before continuing. That's Dayvon's body. I just killed that no good motherfucker for you.

Jade's body froze as she watched Jasmine twirl the knife in between her fingers.

It didn't suppose to be this way Jade. I'm sorry, but he tried to rape me Jade. I had no choice but to end your pain and suffering.”

Jade could barely swallow as her sisters words hit her like a runaway freight train. She didn't know what was going on, because Jasmine facial expression didn't display a woman that was just assaulted and pushed to murder.

“What are you talking about Jasmine? Please, tell me what you're talking about?” Jade cried as she dropped to her knees.

“Get up!” Jasmine yelled as she point the knife at Jade. “You act like your shit doesn't stink Jade what I'm I talking about? I'm talking about Travis, Jade. The same Travis that you took from me when I was locked up in boot camp the same fucking Travis who got you pregnant and tried to hide it.”

Jade couldn't blink as Jasmine exposed her secret past to her.

“Oh you thought I wouldn't find out about my little sister fucking my man while I was gone? The whole damn neighborhood knew about you and Travis because he couldn't keep his mouth close dummy.”

Jade slow stood up as Jasmine watched her every move.

I told you Jasmine that…she paused. That Travis raped me. I never would disrespect you like that Jasmine. I love you.

“Love!” What the fuck is that. Love is when people write letters to you when you're gone away! Love is when people accept your fucking calls when you call collect. Love you say? Please, I don't know what the fuck that is.” Jasmine screamed as she plunged the knife into the wall.

“It's hard to love when you have hate in you Jade. I never thought in a million years that I would hate my sister. You had it all. The brains, the beauty and Dayvon. I was jealous. I can admit that, but when was it going to be my turn to be happy? So, since I couldn't be happy, I vowed that you wouldn't be either. Yes, I lied to him and ruined everything you and he built. Do you what an apology from me bitch?”

Jade rushed Jasmine and pushed her against the wall, knocking the knife to the floor.

“I fucking hate you bitch!” Jasmine screamed as she tussled with Jade on the floor.

Jade was trying to swing on Jasmine as they fell to the floor, but couldn't connect. As they landed, Jasmine fell underneath Jade, trapping her arm in an awkward position.

“I think my arm is broken!” Jasmine screamed as Jade began to choke her.