Welcome to P.A.T. Port Arthur, Texas home of Suga’s, Rocky Road House, but most famously mutha fucking UGK R.I.P. uncle Chad long live the Pimp UGK for life! Let me tell you bout my lil section uv da map. Ery body got a story to tell here's mine.

My name is Erica Strawda ery body round deez parts call me Babee Syrup, I'm on my way to a meeting with an A&R from Rap A Lot Records. I got a lil cut on da local radio station The Breeze KSAP 107.1 LPFM been getting spins. J Prince wants to sign me…Me? A poe kuntry gurl with a mean ass flow. The A&R man driving out from Houston to meet me at Suga’s I was sitting in the restaurant bout an hour early I was so excited didn't want to be late and blow it.

Ten minutes passed and who comes through the doe? My hot ass cuzzin, they call him Baby Pone. Baby Pone got his issue, he was a hustlin ass nigga. But he was a hot boy to the heart the nigga said he like having beef with madd niggas it kept him on his toes. When I saw him I knew it was gon be some shit.

“Whutz gud cuz?” He asked walking in crispy jeans creased and sagging, Reeboks, and a black wife beater. He flashed a fifthteen thousand dollar smile. His entire grill was filled with red and yellow diamonds. Something chonky poking from underneath his wife beater. He had to keep it on him he jacked so many dope boys half the hustlers in Port Arthor wanted him dead. But it was rare any wud run up.

I rose from the booth seat I was sitting in and gave him a hug.

“Hey kinfolk.” I said sitting back down.

“You had ya meeting yet?” He said as he sat at the table across from me. He was a crooked ass nigga. Don't get me wrong he loved his family and would go to war with you at the drop of a dime if you were right or wrong but he was one cat you did not want to owe a favor to. Unfortunately for me I did.

“Not yet um early um specting nem bout an hour.”

“You nervous?”

“Nall, shit I do this cuz, nann nigga nor bitch round deez parts putting it down how I do foe P.A.”

Baby Pone laughed as his beady eyes scanned the room, and he kept peeking over his shoulder. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with the camouflage bandanna he pulled from his pocket.

“You got time then?” He said as he stared into my eyes.

I never broke eye contact. “Kind a sort a.”

“Fuck you speaking in riddles foe? E'der you do or you don't?”

“Ain't trying to be unprofessional cuz what it going look to dis man he comes and I ain't heah?”

“Get off that shit gurl we got plenty of time, I need you to ride with me right quick ain't going take but ten, fifth teen minutes.”

“Here you go.”

Baby Pone rubbed his hand through his goatee. “What?”

“Which is it nigga, ten or fifth teen? Ain't trying to miss my shot.”

“Quit bitching ain't nobody gon make you miss yo shot.” He said as he rose from the booth and headed out side to his 2012 Chevy Impala sitting on 30” rims.

I stood and shook my head knowing I shouldn't have gone but, that's how it is when you owe a nigga they always come to collect at fucked up times. Peep game this how I end up in debt to this greasy ass nigga.

Three Months Prior

“One puff of the kush, two lines of the gurl, three shots of the syrup, fuck the world, fuck- fuck, fuck the world, fuck- fuck, fuck the world!”

Babee Syrup sang out sitting in the studio as the engineer chopped and screwed the demo she had recorded. She sat on the arm of the leather couch with a blunt of kush in one hand and a white Styrofoam cup filled with the thick sticky purple substance they called lean in the other.

“We got a hit on our hands Babee Syrup, we get the edited version down to the radio station the streets going luv dis they gon play dis on the streets, in da traps, in da clubs, in scrip clubs ery body gon fuck-fuck, fuck the world!” Spider, Babee Syrup's producer said as he stepped into the room.

Spider was a tall slender light skin guy with an athlete's build. Put you in the mind of Kareem Abdul Jabar with a perm. Small time legend in Port Arthur used to move Heroin back in his day. Some say he was a millionaire at 15 yrs. old but he got knocked when he was 19 did twenty years and came home. He had paper put up he opened a small time record label called Durty Souf Wreckerds. Had a reputation for being a snake but shit who wasn't.

Babee Syrup didn't say anything she took another sip from her cup.

A day had gone by and it was as Spider had promised Babee Syrup had a hit in P. A. everywhere she went she heard the catchy tune being played. Spider was a man of his word he had promised her shows and radio interviews it was all happening. Being that he kept his word she would keep hers and sign with Durty Souf Wreckerds for an eight album deal. The shows were coming back to back Baby Syrup was on top of the world doing shows throughout Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia.

A month had passed an EP was on the street and digital sales were climbing only a month and almost 60,000 downloads sold with no promotion of the EP that was damn good. Babee Syrup had almost ten thousand dollars in her pocket, a new wardrobe, and a new car. She was on top of the world.

Being 19 yrs old and no kids or a man the world was hers for the taking. Babee Syrup didn't just rap the shit in the streets she lived it. Freelance jack boy, well jack gurl in her case a dollar was a dollar she wasn't one to be too quick to pass up a good stang on a dope boy flossing. Sitting on the corner all black khaki suit with a black hoody underneath and an all black LA Raiders baseball cap Babee Syrup sat in the shadows waiting.

Clutching the glock with the home made silencer silently waiting. It was a neighborhood trap house she had heard was getting paper she had been staking the house out for two weeks now. Making her way to the front door as the young cat who came to pick up the money and drop off the re-up was going in. She rushed behind him putting the pistol to the back of his neck.

“You know what this is!” She said in a sexy sultry voice. If it hadn't been a robbery the young boy might have had a hard on instead of piss in his pants.

“Ahh shit!” The young boy said as he dropped the brown paper bag filled with a brick and a half of Heroin. Babee Syrup pushed him to the floor, snatching the bag from the floor and smacking him in the back of the head with the pistol all in one smooth motion. She kept walking pistol aimed forward.

“Don't move.” She said to the boy on the floor bleeding. Making her way through the living room to the kitchen the house was eerily quiet. She cocked the hammer back and made her way to the basement. She heard movement, as she turned the corner she saw a shadow moving towards her quick she took a step back and squeezed two shots. The gun shots were barely heard but the yell he let out echoed throughout the tiny basement.

One in his thigh and one in his knee he hit the floor staring up in shock.

“Where da paper?” She asked as she placed her back against the wall and kept aim.

“Babee Syrup? You pulling jacks?”

She stepped closer and placed the barrel to his forehead. “Where da money fuck boy?”

“You don't want to do this, you know who you’re robbing?”

“I should blow yo shit off!” The voice whispered in Babee Syrup's ear as she felt the barrel of the gun press against her back. A chill went through her body as she dropped her gun and the bag of dope.

She tripped over the bleeding man on the floor as she was shoved on top of him.

“Get off me bitch!” The man said as he pushed her off of him. He wrestled himself to his feet as he made his way to his rescuer.

“Man I'm glad you came when you did, thought that bitch was going take me out jack.”

The young boy who Babee Syrup had smacked in the back of the head now had the upper hand. He remained silent. The man bleeding all over himself reached out to the young boy for help. He grabbed his arm and helped him to keep balance.

“Let’s get out of here man got to get to a hospital before I bleed to death.”

“Nall hold up man, we got to handle something first.”

The man smiled. “Yeah you right man, off that bitch and let’s get out of here.”

The young boy shook his head no. “Nall chief where dat paper at?”

“Oh up stayers in the kitchen cabnet, bout $90,000.”

“You sure man?”

“Yeah in the kitchen cab…” Before he finished the young boy squeezed two in his face. His body collapsed on top of Babee Syrup as the young boy stepped closer to her taking aim for a head shot.

“It's a shame you's a pretty bitch.” A thunderous gunshot rang out like a cannon as the young gunman's back was caved in he was picked up off his feet crashing to the floor right near Babee Syrup's feet. He laid shaking and jerking blood seeping from his mouth.

It wasn't her first time seeing a body, but she had to admit herself she was scared as hell. She rolled the body off of her as she scooted back never taking her eyes off of the stairs as she felt around for her glock that was still on the floor. She heard the old stairs creak under the weight of the unidentified gunman's weight as they made their way down. She held her breath as she saw the figure coming into view.

“Gurl get yo goof ass off da floe!”

“Baby Pone? What are you doing heah?”

“Showing yo ass how to jack a nigga properly.” He laughed clutching a black garbage bag under his arm and a Dessert Eagle in his other hand. “Come on shit foe da law come.”

She climbed to her feet and grabbed the brown paper bag of dope. “We going split that trap money?”

“Hell nawl dis my lick.”

“Come on cuz I was heah first.”

“And? If I hadn’t been watching and came in afta ya goof ass I would have ta hunt that fuck nigga down wit da choppa and merc his whole family. Why? Cause my goof ass lil cuzzin who should know better ain't kill dis fuck nigga like I taught her young ass. You get no love, and no paper get that dope off I know some niggas buying weight they a take it off ya hands.”

She didn't say a word she followed him outside to his Chevy and hopped in. The next day sitting in the studio writing to a new beat she overheard Spider in his office chewing somebody out over the phone. He stepped out of his office, now off the phone but still cursing.

“Every thing good boss?”

“Do it fucking look like everything good?”

“I ain't do it, shit don't chew my head off.”

“You done with that song yet?”

She sat her note pad down and picked up her Styrofoam cup. “Damn near.” She took a sip.

“That shit going be the death of you, you too young for that shit.”

She tipped her cup to him mockingly. “You are my producer Spider, not my daddy.”

“Get yo ass in the booth.” He said as he went back in his office and slammed the door.

She laughed as she continued sipping and writing. Later that night she sat in the VIP section of the Dream Street club popping bottles of Dom Perignon Rose and drinking syrup her, Baby Pone, and Andrea. Andrea was her girlfriend. Babee Syrup was 5'3, 150 lbs, long black hair, chinky eyes, and high yellow complexion. She could have any man in the club that she wanted. And probably would choose depending on what mood she was in but this particular night she was in the mood for some pussy she scooped Andrea up from home to hang for the night.

“Thanking bout moving from out heah cuz.” Baby Pone said as he placed the blunt between his lips and lit it.

“Move?” Babee Syrup said with a smirk on her face. “Yo ass ain't going no wheah.”

“Straight up cuz my old bitch got at me da otha day you know she stay out in Norf Care-lina now.”

“Who?” Babee Syrup said as she took the blunt from Baby Pone and took a hit.

“Keisha nigga.”

“Thick ass Keisha? How dat bitch doing?” She blew out the smoke and passed the blunt to Andrea.

“She says she aight, but she say it’s sweet out deah a lotta lames getting money she says a nigga come out deah and fuck around get rich jacking dem fuck niggas.”

“I don’t know cuz.”

“I wouldn't mind seeing the East Coast maybe Harlem or Manhattan.” Andrea said as she passed the last of the blunt back to Baby Pone.

He waved his hand no, she smoked the last he spoke. “Um getting da fuck out uv P.A. dem niggas ain't ready for a nigga uv my calibah.”

Babee Syrup and Baby Pone slapped hands laughing. “I heah you cuz but I ain't neva leaving P.A. deez my streets I can't turn my back on my folk they fed a bitch out heah.”

“Whatever you crazy ass hell gurl deez streets don't love you, you stay on yo rap shit and get da fuck out uv heah.” Baby Pone said as he snatched her cup of syrup from her hand and guzzled it down laughing.

Slanky stepped to the table with two women on his arms. Slanky was almost 7'0 tall, 300 lbs, and smooth. He was a young boy, 15 yrs. old but had been pimping at a young age; he was 12 yrs old when his grandma taught him the game she was an old Madame from back in the day used to run the local cat house.

“Just wanted to drop da wire on you dudes.” Slanky said as he sipped cognac through a straw.

“What's da scoop folk?” Baby Pone said as he turned around in his seat to face the young hustler.

“Got word that da trap house got hit a few days ago was Spider's.”

“Yeah.” Baby Pone said as he turned back around and finished his drink.

“Just passing da word he gassed up da nigga say twenty large for da jack boy who did da shit.”

“Fuck we look like we ain't no snitches.” Babee Syrup said as she felt the lean kicking in.

Slanky took another drink from his glass staring seductively into Babee Syrup's eyes. It was well known that when he first got in the game he tried to pull Babee Syrup into his stable, truth be told she had a crush on Slanky and never got over the fact he tried to turn her out she still held resentment in her heart.

“Fuck you looking at? Get on with dem bitches foe they get took!” Babee Syrup yelled as she pulled out twenty thousand dollars from each pocket and began throwing hundreds at the two women.

Slanky smirked. “Dick or pussy you want one of my bitches you pay just like the rest.”

“Calm down gurl.” Baby Pone said as he put his arm around Babee Syrup. “Gone head on Slanky, thanks for the info folk.”

Slanky didn't respond he continued sipping his drink as he walked off.

“Fuck wrong with you?” Baby Pone asked as he began picking up the hundreds and stuffing them in his cousin's pockets.

“Shit wrong….wit me….fuck wrong wit….him?” Babee Syrup said in a slow drawl.

“Party ova Andrea man get my lil cuzzin to da crib safe aight.”

“Help me to da car wit her ass.”

“I don't need no help.” Babee Syrup made her way out to the parking lot and to the car. She sat in the passenger seat waiting as Baby Pone and Andrea stood outside talking.

“Am I going get some dick or what?” She said with her hand on her hip.

“Be cool shawty, you ain't even got my cuzzin to da crib good and on that shit.”

“Look at her she fucked up, I know when she this way we are not going fuck it’s the same every time.”

“Get her to the crib, if you can get out hit my phone.”

“Aight daddy.”

Babee Syrup began blowing the horn, yelling out the window. “Bring ya ass gurl, come on!”

Andrea shook her head looking embarrasse