Sloppy Seconds

“Don’t forget to flush that rubber baby” Percy yelled as he stood from the comfortable bed with sweat trickling down his chiseled back?

Percy took a deep breath as he looked out his half opened bedroom window, trying to get some of the Windy City’s fresh air into his over worked body.

Damn, that woman know she has some good pussy, Percy thought as he looked down at his manhood, still ready for round two.

“Is everything okay in there My King?” Carmen yelled from the bathroom as she patted her throbbing twat with a warm face towel?

Although, her pussy was stretched out and punished minutes ago, the warm sensation from the face towel had Carmen ready for another session.

“Do you want something to drink baby?” Carmen asked as she walked out of the bathroom and flopped her naked body onto Percy’s Pottery Barns comforter set.

“Did you flush that condom?” Percy asked praying Carmen would say yes without any hesitation.

“Of course I did Percy relax, and take another shot of this Ciroc before your wife comes home. You know I could go for another round.” Carmen hinted as she lowered her head in between Percy’s legs and licked the head of his dick.

“Speaking of my wife…” Percy stopped his sentence, as he felt the tip of his dick touch Carmen's tonsils. I don’t think we can continue to do this Carmen? I want it all to end.” He admitted as he pulled his half erect dick out of Carmen’s moist mouth.

“What are you talking about baby? I thought we had everything planned out?”

Carmen said as she wiped her mouth and placed her shot glass on the nightstand. “I thought we were going to grow old together once you get your divorce?” Carmen hurtfully asked?

“That doesn’t matter anymore Carmen. I want to wash my hands with this mistake I’ve made with dealing with you. I want my family back.” Percy said, reaching for his Polo briefs and tank top that was at the foot of the bed Carmen didn’t understand why Percy suddenly had a change of heart?

Didn’t I do everything right this time? Carmen thought to herself, trying to figure out what went wrong during her short trip to the bathroom.

“You don’t get it, do you Carmen?” Percy sarcastically asked as he grabbed his box of Newport’s off of the nightstand.

“Please Percy, tell me what’s wrong?” Carmen begged as Percy watched her like a merciless king sitting on his throne.

“You know what else I want Carmen?” Percy asked in a calm voice as he lit his cancer stick.

“What do you want baby? I promise I’ll make it up to you.” she cried.”

Percy glanced over at his custom radio that was mounted above his bed as Nicki Minaj’s “Right thru me” song played on WGCI. He smiled and shook his head as he navigated through his dark bedroom, towards the door.

“I want you out of my house Carmen. I want you to go, and never look back, call, or speak to me again understood?” Percy confirmed as he began to gather Carmen’s sexy attire that was scattered across his bedroom floor.

Carmen’s young heart fell to her knees and through her feet when Percy gave her all of her clothes and pointed to the door. One tear led to another one as Carmen put on her clothes, wiping tears from her face every few seconds. Percy grabbed the peach aroma air freshener and began to eliminate the sex smell that was lingering in the air.

“You’re not going to walk me to the door Percy?”

“For what? You let yourself in, I’m sure you can let yourself out?”

Carmen walked out of the bedroom and left without saying another word. As she reached the front door, Carmen glanced back upstairs to see if Percy was following her.

“Make sure that door is locked Carmen!” Percy yelled from upstairs.

Fuck you. Carmen thought as she slammed the front door and headed towards her car that was parked out front.

As soon as she got into her car, Carmen called her sister.

“Please pick up the phone Rita.” Carmen begged as the phone continuously rung.

“Hello.” A sleepy voice answered on the fifth ring.

“Rita, I’m sorry for calling you this late, but I have to talk to you. Percy just broke up with me. He didn’t even tell me why Rita? I don’t understand what I did wrong.” Carmen cried.

Although, she heard the agony in Carmen’s voice, Rita didn’t pacify the situation at all.

“What did you expect Carmen, he’s a married man? You weren't going to change that by giving him some pussy. You know how many women find themselves in your situation because they assumed that they could hook a man with their sex. The only time he called you is when his wife was out of town. Other than that, you didn’t hear from his black ass!”

Carmen remained quiet as Rita continued to scold her about her foolish mistake.

“I just don’t understand why you choose to mess with a married man? What is it about them that keeps your attention?”

Carmen didn’t want to hear the advice that Rita was giving her, but deep inside she knew that Rita was right about Percy. It was difficult for Rita to understand why Carmen chooses to constantly belittle herself and deal with someone that was spoken for. There were plenty of single men in Chicago that Carmen could date, but it was something about a married man that caught Carmen’s attention. Maybe it was something from her southern childhood that pushed her towards a promiscuous lifestyle?


Their parents were killed during a home invasion when Rita was 17 years old. At the time, Carmen was 9, and was in Chicago visiting their grandmother when she received the devastating news about her parents. After their parent’s untimely deaths, Carmen remained in Chicago, while Rita completed her senior year in high school, before moving to Chicago with Carmen. It was difficult for Rita and Carmen to adjust to the strict church life that their grandmother lived. Early bedtimes, and wearing dresses in 90 degree heat wasn't something that the young girls were accustom to. While the other kids played and enjoyed the summer heat, Rita and Carmen read the bible and sung church tunes. After about 3 months, Rita found a job working at Payless. Rita tried to spend as much time as possible at Payless, so she wouldn’t have to deal with their grandmother. While Rita was at work, Carmen spent the majority of her time, sneaking and watching their grandfather’s porn collection. Every day, Carmen would watch the flicks while her grandmother took her daily nap. This was Carmen’s outlet, since her grandmother didn’t allow her to interact with the other children in the neighborhood. As they matured into young women, Rita and Carmen's close knit relationship began to fade away because Rita's attention and time were occupied by Devin. Devin, a fast talking hustler from the Southside, who made sure he kept tabs on Rita at all times. Even when he conducted business out of town he made sure one of his goons checked on her daily. Standing at 5 foot 4 and 125 pounds, Rita was the perfect fit for Devin. Her vibrant, light brown eyes; mocha skin complexion, shoulder length hair and not to mention a physique that had men ready to say “I do” after the first hello, was too much for Devin to share. Not only was he responsible for lacing her pockets with Benjamin's and covering her hefty college tuition, Devin also laid down the dick game like no other. From weekly visits to the Sybaris to out of town getaways, Devin made sure he left his mark when he sexed Rita. Whether it was the warm honey that Devin licked from her neatly trimmed, untainted pussy or the countless orgasms that had her legs tootsie rolling out of control, Rita knew that she would have Devin's baby one day. It was a wish that Rita would never receive because she was unable to have children.


“I'm not trying to talk down at you Carmen. I know that you have much more to offer. You don't have to deal with someone that isn't going to fully commit themselves to you.”

“I know Rita, Carmen shamefully admitted. In my mind, I thought Percy would leave his wife, but in my heart I knew he wasn't.” Carmen admitted as she began to cry.

“It's going to be okay Carmen. You have to keep your head up and your legs closed.” Rita joked trying to lighten Carmen's sadden mood.

“Look Carmen, I've invited some friends over to the house tomorrow night for drinks and you're more than welcome to come over.”

“Okay Rita, I'll come over after I’m finished with my last client.”

“Good, now go and get you some rest and forget about that damn Percy.” Rita insisted before hanging up the phone.

Carmen placed her Android phone on the passenger seat and began to scan through the radio stations as she drove down Lake Shore Drive. The cool summer breeze blew through her silky Remy hair as she thought about Percy again.

“How can a man so fine, be so cruel? I guess Rita is right I have to keep my legs closed, but it's hard to turn down 10 inches of dick swinging in your face. Damn, I'm going to miss that dick!” Carmen said as she briefly closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip.

Just the thought of Percy touching her body again had Carmen moist beyond control. It didn't take long for Carmen's inner freak to wake up again as she felt her excitement seeping through her panties onto the leather seats beneath her succulent thighs. Carmen surveyed the empty highway and slowly began to rub her hand across her now soaked, Chantelle Rive panties. Carmen adjusted her steering wheel to the highest level and opened her legs as she took a quick look in her review mirror to see if any cars were around her.

“Damn, look how wet my pussy is.” Carmen said as she rubbed her index and middle finger across her clit.

Carmen slowly reduced her speed as she began to masturbate on the open highway. As she caressed her pussy lips, Carmen felt a tingling sensation throughout her yearning body. The stimulating sensation was growing too strong for Carmen to stop as she slammed on her brakes in the middle of the highway because she felt herself about to squirt everywhere. Just as she felt herself about to explode, a police cruiser drove up behind her from out of nowhere.

“Pull over your vehicle!” The police officer yelled through his ear piercing sound system.

Oh my goodness. I'm about to go to jail. Carmen thought as she saw the flashing lights in her review mirror.

Carmen took her foot off of the brakes and began to drive towards the shoulder of the highway. The overwhelming sensation was still lingering in her twat as the 2 police officers approached her car.

I think I’m about to cum on myself, Carmen said as she tightly closed her legs, hoping the sensation would cease.

“May I ask why you were on your brakes in the middle of the road?” The officer said while staring at Carmen’s healthy breast that were protruding out of her shirt.

“I’m so sorry sir.” Carmen struggled to say as she closed her eyes and felt herself cumming.

“Have you been drinking?” The heavy set officer said with his Italian accent.

“No, I haven’t. I just need some rest, that’s all.” Carmen said as her eyes began to flicker from the sensual climaxing feeling.

It was as if her pussy had a mind of it’s on as it began to throb, wanting more than Carmen’s fingers to please it.

“You need to head home before you hurt someone out here.” The other officer said as he watched Carmen’s lips quiver.

“Okay. I’m going straight home.”

Carmen watched the officers walk back to their car as she lowered all of the windows, hoping the breeze would cool her increased body temperature.

“I need to take my ass home before I kill myself.” Carmen joked to herself as she merged back onto the highway. That was the last time you will make me cum Mr. Percy. Carmen thought as she cruised to her apartment.


The next day, Carmen was the first person to arrive at Rita’s card party. The drinks were flowing between Rita and Devin as Carmen walked through the door.

“What’s up little sis?” Rita yelled as Carmen walked in wearing a black, Sean John Ruche style dress.

It was something about Carmen that had Devin mesmerized for a moment. Carmen’s smooth, caramel skin tone went well with the dress she was wearing for the evening. Her 5 foot 5 and 136 pound, sexy frame complimented her near perfect face. Carmen’s soft, full lips, and light brown chinky eyes, were but a small part of her arousing package. Her perky titties; and porn star Pinky, resembling shaped ass, is what drove Devin crazy as he watched her ass sway from side to side in the fitting dress.

Damn, I want to put some dick up in her! Devin thought as he felt his manhood yawn inside of his Cavi jeans. “What’s up Carmen, how have you been?” Devin asked in a seductive voice.

“I’m alright Devin, where is everyone?”

“You know how Rita’s bum ass friends are? They show up late and drink up everything before they leave.” Devin joked as Carmen joined him with laughter.

Leave my friends alone Devin. You worry about your drug dealing friends.” Rita said with a drunken voice.

“Okay, Rita? I can see what kind of night this is going to be. I’ll be back later.” Devin said as he grabbed his box of Cigarillos off of the entertainment center and left.

Carmen remained quiet as she picked through the mixed chips that were on the table. About ten minutes later, someone rang the doorbell.

“Come in!” Rita screamed as she stirred her drink with her index finger.

“Hey Rita.” Michelle said as she walked in with her male companion, carrying a half full bottle of Bacardi.

“How is my BFF doing?” Rita asked as she took a sip of her cognac.

Damn, he is fine! Carmen thought as she caught eyes with Michelle’s boyfriend.

“I’m doing really well.” Michelle answered as she sat down at the card table.

“That’s because she’s drunk.” Michelle’s boyfriend said as he lifted the bottle of Rum.

“Whatever Marcus, I know how to handle my damn liquor!” Michelle shot back Carmen remained quiet as she continued to stare at Marcus from a short distance. Her eyeing lust went unnoticed by Michelle, who was continued to rant about being sober.



“Damn, I'm just too good!” Carmen bragged as she shuffled the playing cards.

“I can't play with someone that’s doing all this fucking talking.” Rita angrily said as she tossed her cards to the floor. “I'm about to sleep some of this liquor off.”

“Come on Rita, don't be like that. You're just playing against some better players.” Marcus teased.

“You can talk shit now Marcus, but don't touch me later when your dick gets on hard!” Michelle said standing up from the table.

“Don't say that shit too loud Michelle. You know “Ms. Sloppy Seconds” over here will fuck your man.” Rita boldly announced.

“I think it's time for me to go. I'm not trying to deal with you Rita while you're drunk.” Carmen said grabbing her pocket book from the table.

“I'm far from drunk!” Rita yelled with a slurred voice. You just can't handle the motherfucking truth Carmen. I'm tired of you crying to me about how another married man dumped you. Find your own man and leave these married men alone. Maybe all you can get is someone else’s leftovers!” Rita said as she walked out of the living room towards her bedroom.

“Damn, that's too cold Rita!” Michelle said as she followed behind Rita laughing.

“Don't let them get to you Carmen. They're just drunk.” Marcus said as he sat on the couch.

Carmen could barely hold back her tears as she felt humiliated by Rita's hurtful words.

This is the last time Rita will embarrass me like this. Carmen thought as she glanced over at Marcus. I'm going to give her ass something to gossip about.

“How long have you and Michelle been dating?” Carmen asked as she walked over to the couch.

“We've been going strong for about two years. At first, it seemed as if we weren't going to make it because Michelle was stilling messing around with her son's father.”

Really, and you stayed with her after that?” Carmen said with a frown on her face.

Marcus didn't respond because his attention was focused on Carmen's breast as she sat next to him on the couch.

“You can touch them if you like?” Carmen said as she placed her hand on his lap.

Carmen slowly began to rub her hand across Marcus's lap as she noticed a bulge in his jeans.

“What about my girl and your sister?” Marcus asked as he nervously looked around.

“This isn't going to take long. Just pull it out.” Carmen instructed as she began to unbuckle his jeans.</