Facebook Pimping

Ken sat at his desk in the studio apartment that he rented on the North Side of Minneapolis staring at his laptop monitor. Glossy eyed, he eye balled his FaceBook page moving the mouse he clicked on his inbox status 500 inbox messages all from one person…Eve! He began to drool as he thought about how he ended up tangled with her in the first place. He wiped the saliva from his mouth with his sleeve but it seemed the more he wiped the more saliva he produced.

It all started about six months ago, 2 a.m. a Wednesday night Ken sat in his studio apartment on his futon with his back against the wall and laptop in his lap talking with Nancy on Skype well, they weren't really talking. He was watching Nancy and her girlfriend have a freak fest with each other. Erotic, sensual moans filled the small apartment as he stared intently at the two white girls give each other 69. He met Nancy the week before on FaceBook a 21 year old white girl from Madison, Wisconsin. After only five minutes of inboxing one another they exchanged numbers and began talking. The next day she drove to Minneapolis, they met at Applebee’s in Brooklyn Center.

She treated for the lunch, they drove over to the liquor store she bought his favorite drink a bottle of Amsterdam he drank it straight she grabbed a can of Red Bull energy drink for a chaser. She followed him back to Fremont and Broadway to his apartment. She hesitantly walked into his apartment, it was modest looking. An unmade futon bed sat against the far wall with pillows and sheets sprawled all over it. A small desk with scattered papers and a laptop sat near the bed.

“Come on in girl don't act all scared and shit.” He said as he slightly nudged her by the small of her back pushing her into the living room. She stood in the middle of the living room holding the bag of liquor. He locked the door as she shyly stared at her feet moving her eyes to the shaggy un-vacuumed carpet. She glanced down the small hall, there was a light shining to the left she assumed it was the bathroom, straight ahead was the kitchen.

“Don't be acting like you all that Madison.”

She laughed. “I told you my name's not Madison, its Nancy.”

He cracked a slight smile; bright white teeth peeked from his thick, dark lips. “I know your damn name girl, Ms. Nancy Drew.”

Nancy's heart skipped a beat as her eyes roamed from his lips down to his neck. A tattoo of Hustle Hard written in cursive was etched across his neck. She smiled as she continued to mentally devour her eye candy. A hard body, muscular chest and abs, he wore a black T that hugged his frame showed off his muscular biceps. She bit her lip as she made her way to his Sean Jean jeans stopping at the bulge in his pants. She giggled. Staring at his love pistol she couldn't wait to put it in her mouth and let him blow her brains out.

He noticed the devilish look in her eyes. “Stop being silly girl put that bag on the table and make yourself comfortable.”

She sat the bag on the center of the small coffee table that sat in front of the futon. Making her way around the table she sat on the bed looking at the walls. She had heard that you could learn a lot about a person from their surroundings. Looking at Ken's apartment there wasn't much to learn. The walls were bare not a single photo of himself or family members were in the apartment. All she got from his place was he was poor.

It didn't matter though she didn't come to make him her man, they both knew what she came for and once they drank enough gin they would get to it. He went into the kitchen and returned with two glasses. Kicking off his shoes and removing his shirt he sat the glasses on the table and flopped down next to Nancy on the futon. Lifting the screen to his laptop he keyed in newreleases.com.

“What you want to watch?”

“It doesn't matter to me, whatever you like.”

He keyed in “Friends with Benefits” within seconds the new release with Justin Timberlake was downloaded and playing on the 17” screen.

She giggled. “I didn't know you were a JT fan.”

Ken smirked thinking to himself I don't like this square as shit. Cracking the cap on the bottle he poured them both drinks. She reached over and popped the top on the Red Bull energy drink pouring it into her glass of gin. Ten minutes into the movie they were both lying underneath each other she was drinking and laughing, Ken felt bored he couldn't believe she was laughing at the corny film. He knew this would get her more relaxed. White bitches so predictable. He thought to himself as he closed his eyes and began to dose off.

“Slurp, slurp, slosh….oh God!”

Ken wearily opened his eyes and looked down staring back up at him was Nancy with his dick in her mouth. A sinister smirk spread across his face as he shoved her face further down on his dick, she gagged, took a deep breath and took more of his massive man hood into her jaws.

“That's, right get it girl.” He said as he grabbed fists full of her hair and begins jerking her head violently back and forwards. She put her hands on his stomach trying to push him out of her mouth. He pulled out; grabbing his dick he smacked it on her forehead and lips. She blinked her eyes in surprise at the aggressive manner he was behaving in.

“Now don't take it out again until we're done okay? Breathe through your nose. You white bitches are all the same, you act like you can handle the dick but when a nigga give it to you want to run from it.”

Nancy remained silent. She felt stupid for even being there the way he was belittling her. All she felt she could do now was do the best head job she could to get him to bust quickly so she could leave. Before she finished her thought he grabbed her head and rammed his dick back in her mouth. She sucked hard and fast as he pumped his hips grabbing hand full of her hair he continued to jerk her head back and forwards six minutes later he felt the pressure building deep in his loins as he bald up his fists and with the bottoms of his palms he banged on her forehead. His eyes clenched tight fighting in frustration for his nut to come out she pushed him out of her mouth just as he erupted he let out a moan so ear shrieking the hairs on the back of her neck stood up just as the thick gooey cum hit her in the face. She blinked her eyes quickly trying to see as the thick substance dripped from her eyelashes. It dripped down her face covering her lips and chin looking like glue.

Ken shook off the access cum on her blouse. Stepping back laughing, he couldn't help it she looked so stupid to him with his babies all over her face.

“Ugh, you didn't have to shoot that shit in my face Ken; you bet not have gotten it in my hair.”

“Stop crying, that shit ain't going kill you it give you clear skin.” He said laughing as he walked into the bathroom and washed his dick in the sink.

She followed behind. “You have a towel I can use?”

He snatched a towel hanging from the towel rack over the sink and tossed it to her. The towel hit her in the face as he stepped past her out of the bathroom laughing. She placed the towel underneath the running water and began to wipe the cum from her face.

“Fucking asshole, nigge…” Before she finished her sentence and realized what was going on Ken was behind her with her dress up and his dick in her pussy bent over the bathroom sink.

“You want to talk shit, um going give you a reason to talk shit.”

He said as he took deep long strokes in out of her now drenching pussy. She wanted to fight it, tell him to stop. But the anger she once had now gone, replaced with pure animalistic lust. She brushed the hair from her face and looked back into his eyes.

“Give me this dick you, big dick, black mutha….ooh!”

He picked her up off of her feet with each stroke, as she tried her best to throw it back but the thrusts were too strong, and too deep. She closed her eyes and took the pounding he was putting down.

Forty minutes and two nuts later she was dressed and ready to go. He walked her to her car and hugged her bye. As she pulled off a bubble gum pink Lexus with matching pink tint pulled up and parked. Ken stepped back as the car parked and a sexy five foot brown skin chick hopped out wearing a white halter top, matching Juicy Couture booty shorts, and a navy blue Gap baseball cap. Never one to miss out on a macking opportunity Ken stepped to her like he knew her. Cutting her off before she made it up the stairs to his building.

“How are you doing Ms. Lady?”

She stepped back body language showing aggression as she placed a hand on her hip looking him up and down ready to give him a verbal lashing. She rolled her eyes, stepping around him.

“I'm doing fine and my name is not Ms. Lady, its Ms. Evans.”

“Ms. Evans? What like Florida and JJ?”

She smiled continuing up the stairs. “Yeah just like that.”

Ken took his time going up the stairs behind her reaching around her he brushed against her backside as he stuck his key in the lock unlocking the security door. She quickly spun around facing him.

“Nuh uh player, don't be invading my personal space like that I don't know what you think this is.”

“Calm down sweet heart was just trying to let you in, shit it ain't like I got pleasure out of that either.”

She glanced down at his private area, his love joint poking through his jeans. “Uh niggas is so trifling.”

She shook her head and walked into the building. He followed behind watching as she made her way up the stairs. Going into his own apartment and closing the door he quickly went to his laptop and logged on to Face Book. Scrolling over to the search feature he keyed in Minneapolis then Evans. Looking for the fine female he'd just had the occurrence with out front. A lot of females with the last name Evans popped up but none was the one he was looking for. He kept searching, from city to city. Saint Paul, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, and Crystal finally he found her. Her name was Ta' Shonda Evans she was 19 yrs. old originally from Harvey, IL and lived in Burnsville, MN.

He felt like he did some real work he'd been Face Book stalking for the past twenty minutes but he'd found her he clicked like on several of her pictures then he sent a friend request. A day or two passed before she finally accepted his friendship request. He sent her an inbox message. He didn't think she would respond at first after he reminded her of how they met in front of his building. She responded and they began messaging on a daily basis.

Two months had gone pass and he still hadn’t fucked her. Which wasn't very long but for Ken it felt like six months had gone by he wasn't used to waiting for sex from a woman for more than a week and that was only if she lived out of state. But he wanted her so he waited. They did everything together, movies, bowling, miniature golf, dinner, plays; he even went to church with her. Met her family she still lived at home with her mom and her little sister. Her mom was most definitely a MILF and her little sister was sexy too shit she looked better than Ta' Shonda. She was only 17 yrs. old but Ken would still give her the business if he had the opportunity and she was going. On the surface they were the perfect couple but he couldn't wipe sex completely out of his system he still hooked up with random chicks from Face Book, Tagged and sometimes Plenty of Fish.com but Ta' Shonda was the prized possession. He would give his right nut to have his dick in her mouth.

It was going on the third month that they had been dating and he was beginning to lose patience. She had planned a romantic dinner for the two of them she had just made the Dean’s list for the second time this year. He didn’t think anything big of the occasion she always did shit like that.

He showed up wearing a pair of navy blue silk Valentino dress slacks, a matching Valentino button down, leather dress shoes, and a navy blue New York Yankees fitted cap. Her mother and sister were gone to Harvey for the week end so she had the place to herself. He walked in and the wonderful scent of pot roast and potatoes had his senses entranced, his stomach growled he flashed a smile as he took off his hat and sat it on the couch.

She was wearing a black dress that came right above her knees, with thin spaghetti straps, showing off her perky bust line. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a hug and a kiss.

“I missed you baby.” She said as she turned and headed into the kitchen.

“Yeah, I missed you too baby girl.”

“So how your day go?”

Good as hell, he thought to himself. Got some head from this bust down I met online today. He giggled. “It was cool.”

She returned with two plates and set them on the table. Candles were lit and the room was dim. Luther Vandross was playing softly.

“What's so funny?” She asked as she sat down at the table.

“Nothing just thinking bout some shit I got to do this week ain't really feeling it that's all. What you cook? That shit smells good.”

“Roast and potatoes with some dinner rolls I left the wine in the kitchen why don't you pop the cork and bring it in here.”

He smiled. “Whaat? You drinking tonight? You must be feeling good huh?”

She laughed. “Boy I drink every now and then.”

“I been knowing yo ass for bout three months now I ain't never seen you take a drink or even talk about drinking.”

She just laughed. It was true she wasn't a real drinker truth of the matter was three drinks was her limit. He popped the cork and returned with the wine. He sat; they ate, drank and talked. He always enjoyed her company she was cool people even if she wasn't fucking. They made their way to the couch and were watching The Shaq Comedy All Stars she ordered from Netflix on DVD.

They were laughing and she was relaxed lying on his chest fondling with his belt buckle. He felt her nipples getting hard on his chest through the thin dress she was wearing. His dick got hard but he been down that road before she would get him all excited and do a lot of kissing and groping but no fucking. So he remained cool, looked down into her face. She was staring back at him their eyes met, their lips connected and they kissed. It was the most passionate kiss she'd ever given him. But still he felt it wasn't worth getting his hopes again just to get let down so when he felt his Black Berry vibrating on his hip he pulled back from the kiss to look.

Opening his phone he saw he had a picture text from Nancy, it was a picture of her pussy. He smiled. She looked up with an annoyed look across her face.

“What? Damn.”

“Someone must've sent you something real nice goofy ass smile on your face and shit.” She said as she got up and slid away from him to the other side of the sofa with her arms folded.

He closed his phone and set it on the table near the sofa. “Look don't be like that sweetie it wasn't….”

He cut his sentence short as his phone began vibrating again. He snatched it from the table and opened it. He had a message on Face Book from the chick who just had his dick in her mouth a few hours before. He read the message and laughed.”Got damn you got my pussy over here throbbing thinking about how you going feel in me.”

“Really Ken?” Ta' Shonda said as she was becoming more and more upset by the second.

He closed the phone and set it on his lap as he scooted closer to her kissing on her neck.

“Stop Ken, I'm not in the mood anymore.”

“Come on Shonda don't be that way, you’re over exaggerating stop being a drama queen.”

“I'm not stupid I know that's a bitch texting you and shit, I'm not dumb Ken.”

“No one said that you were but you are jumping to conclusions.”

“Let me see the text then.”

He laughed. “Man hell nall either you trust me or you don't.”

“See I knew it, if you ain't have shit to hide you would show me your phone.”

Ken now feeling agitated scooted away from her and began scrolling through his friends list on Face Book looking for a possible hook up for the night because things between him and Ta' Shonda was beginning to escalate. “You can go head with that shit. Where does it end Shonda? Huh? What? You want to screen my calls? What about my Face Book account? You want the code to that? A copy of my mail box key and my access code to my ATM card? You asking for a lot of trust for someone who want even trust me enough to commit herself physically.”

“I knew you were going bring that up, I fucking knew it. Is that all you think about huh? Your dick?”

“See that's where you got me fucked up, I don't think about my dick, I think about your pussy.”

They both stared at each other with attitude and broke out laughing. “Boy you are silly.”

“I'm sorry babe.” He scooted closer and gave her a kiss.

“I'm sorry too, and I do trust you. But your ass live on Face Book. And how come damn near all your friends is females?”

“I don't know shit I don't even talk to half them ma fuckas of Face Book.”

“Umm hmm…”

He laughed. “Umm hmm what?”

“You got to be talking to somebody you on Face Book all damn day on your phone, and at night you on the shit on your lap top. I log on at school some times and when you’re supposed to be at work I see you on the shit when we go out you constantly on it.”

He laughed again. “I am not.”

“Ken, the first time you met my mom and my sister we went out to dinner.”


“I was so freaking embarrassed I was ready to snatch your phone and throw it across the room.”


“Negro you were messaging on Face Book through the whole dinner.”

“Well we weren’t officially together then any way.”

“It was still disrespectful.”

“Shit a nigga can't help it if he a pimp.”

She laughed. “Yeah Face Book Pimping right.”

He laughed. “Go head.”

“I don't know Ken you got a real issue man maybe you need to see somebody.”

“Yeah right, what I need to be put in one of them homes or something?”

“Yeah you can get a check from the state and everything; I can be your payee.”

He laughed. “Shid I know how you shop you won't be handling my money.”

They both laughed his phone vibrated. He looked down at the caller ID it was a call from a number he didn't recognize. He flipped the phone open and spoke.


The voice on the other end was a female.”Hello can I speak to Ken?”

“Yeah this is Ken, who's speaking?” He asked as he stood and headed towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Ta' Shonda asked with an attitude loud enough for the caller to hear.

“Who is that? Your wife?” The female caller asked purposely trying to agitate the situation.

He ignored the female on the phone. “I'm going out to the car; I got something for you I forgot.”

“Fuck you Ken!” She spat out as she headed up stairs to her room.

“You got to go outside and talk? Niggas aint shit I swear.” The female caller said laughing.

“Nall it's all good man, who is this anyway?” He asked as he opened the back door of his car and grabbed the box of Cheese Cake from the Cheese Cake Factory.


He closed the door and paused. “Unique? I don't know no ma fucking Unique, quit playing on my phone.”

“Unique, I'm your friend on Face Book.”

“Oh, oh I remember you now you the lil chick wearing the bandana for a bra sitting on the motorcycle.”

“Yeah that's me, you like that pic?”

“Yeah that was hot.”

“So what's up for the night? Ya chick got you on lock down, can you get away?”

“Shit I'm grown I come and go as I please.”

“Yeah okay, this coming from the man that got to sneak outside and talk on the phone.”

“Man go head, you trying to fuck with me or what shorty?”

“Yeah nigga I asked didn’t I?”

“I got something for that smart ass mouth of yours.”

She giggled. “I bet you do, you better bring enough or I ain't even interested.”

“Yeah well you'll see give me bout thirty minutes. Text me your address then I'll be through.” He hung up the phone before she could respond.

He walked back into the house and into the kitchen to get two forks. Heading up the stairs he stopped at the last room down the hall. Ta' Shonda was sitting on her bed with a teddy bear in her arms. She had taken off her dress and was now dressed in a U of M T-shirt, some maroon boy shorts, and a pair of gold footie’s.

He stepped into her room and sat on the bed. “I told you I had something for you.”

She looked at the box and cracked a small smile. “We need to talk Ken.”

“Here we go again.”

“I don't want to fight.”

Ken remained silent.

“I need to know if I go there with you I will be the only one.”

“You have to trust me babe.”

“I want to…I mean I do but.”

“But what?”

“I don't know.”

“We’ll look babe I'm in no rush take your time.”

Tears dropped from her eyes. “Thank you babe.”

He wiped the tears from her eyes. “All cut that shit out, you know I don't like all that crying and shit.”

She laughed. “Okay I'll stop, what you got over there is that for me?”

“Dang you greedy, did you just ask me if this whole damn cake was for you? I can't have any?”

She laughed. “Ummm….”

“Daaamn! You got to think about it?”

“You know I love my cheese cake.”

“Whoa, you better slow down, yo ass going blow up like Zane.”

She laughed. “What Zane is cute.”

“I ain't say she wasn't but she could stand to lose a few pounds.”

She laughed. “You are wrong.”

“I'm just saying.” He opened the box and cut a piece with the fork. “Close your eyes babe.” He said as he brought the fork towards her lips.

She closed her eyes as she was told and just as she began to open her mouth she opened her eyes and knocked the fork from his hand.

“What the fuck you do that for?”

“You trying to kill me Ken?”

“What is you talking about? You love the Cheese Cake Factory.”

“See that's what I was talking about, you want me to share my body with you and you don’t even listen to me.”


“You don’t remember me telling you I was allergic to nuts?”

“Damn I forgot.”

“Yeah and you bring a Turtle Cheese Cake in here.”

“I'm sorry babe, I'm glad you caught that shit in time.”

“I would've eaten that shit and my whole face and neck would've swollen up.”

“Well I guess I will be taking my cake home.”

“You’re leaving?” She asked with a disappointing look across her face.

“Yeah I want to stay but, I bet not I want to respect you and keeping it real if I stay I'm going want some pussy.”

She stood from the bed. “Yeah whatever Ken call me when you get home.”

He hugged and kissed her. “Alright talk to you in a little while.”

Just as he stepped out of the room she heard his phone vibrating as he pulled it from his hip and looked at it going down the stairs. She heard the front door close as she picked up her cell phone.

She clicked the speed dial button calling her best friend Tasha who lived across the street. Tasha picked up on the first ring.

“Hey girl.”

“He just left Tasha, you know what to do.”

“I got you sweetie.” They both hung up.”

The next morning Ken was feeling good, he'd gotten up with Unique and her head was freaking fantastic. Didn't even have to spend money on a room they fucked right in the parking lot of her apartment complex couldn't go in because her man was inside watching the kids. He giggled to himself maybe he did have a problem. He shook it off saying to himself.

“Shid if getting too much pussy a problem, that's a problem I want to keep.”

He phone was off the hook it was vibrating all night and most of the morning he looked at his phone he had 30 missed calls all from Tu' Shonda.

He dialed her number it went straight to voice mail. He called again, straight to voice mail. He opened his laptop and logged on to Face Book plastered all over his page was pictures of him with Unique kissing in the back seat of his car. A link was underneath the photos. He clicked the link it took him to a private website that had a video posted. He clicked on the video it was videos of him and Unique having sex but in the video the shape and the hair style of the person he was having sex with looked like Unique but the face and voice sounded like a man.

He jumped from his bed. “What the fuck? Nall, nall, nall, I know it was a woman I felt the pussy.”

His phone vibrated he grabbed it, it was a call from Ta' Shonda.


“How could you do this Ken?”

“Babe I swear I ain't never been with a man in my life!”

“I know, I believe you.”

“You do?”

“Yes I do, I know all about Unique.”

Ken remained silent.

“I know that it’s her in that video with you and not a man.”

“Babe I…”

“I trusted you, but…”

“But what?”

“But after you left last night I had my friend from across the street follow you. She's the one who filmed you and Unique.”

“But how did…”

“I told her not to, wanted to leave you and the whole situation alone but she wasn't hearing that. She's a video and production major so she altered the video set up the website and started posting the link on Face Book it's been on there all night.”

“I'm going kill that bitch!”

“Just leave it alone Ken, it's not worth it.”

She hung up the phone.

“Hello, hello!” He slammed his phone against the wall it shattered as he flopped down face first on the bed.

Two months had gone passed and Ken kept trying to get back into Ta' Shonda's good graces. He never called she had gotten her number changed. But she never closed her face Book account or removed him from her friends list. One night he lay in bed watching videos on Allhiphop.com when he received an inbox message from Ta' Shonda on Face Book.

“Can I see you?”

He didn't want to appear anxious, nor did he want to wait too long to respond and blow his chance. He started to wait ten minutes before responding but he knew that she knew that he always responded to messages right away and anything else would be a fake move on his part.

“What you talking bout?”

“Right now, are you free?”

“Yeah I'm free what you want to talk about?”

“Ken we need closure, I'm on my way.”

Twenty minutes later she was sitting in his apartment.

“How could you do that shit to me shorty? Got everybody thinking I'm taking dick to the ass and shit?”

She laughed. I told you I had nothing to do with that, honestly I am not vindictive.”

He remained silent.

“I just want to know why Ken?”

“Why what Shonda?”

“Why you could not wait?”

“To keep it real, I like pussy. If you would've been down then I would only be fucking you. But since you weren't I had to keep getting pussy from somewhere till you were ready then I would have stopped.”

“You expect me to believe that shit?”

“It doesn't matter if you believe me or not we aint together no more.”

“True, but I miss you.”


“You don't miss me?”

“If I do or I don't that's not going make you want to be with me again.”

“You never know.”

He dropped his face in his hands. “Yeah man I miss you too.”

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. He turned and kissed her. She kissed him too.

“Ken if I take it there with you, I have to be the only one.”

“You will shorty I swear.”

She stood and removed her blouse, shoes, and pants she crawled underneath the sheets wearing nothing but a bra and panties. Ken removed his clothes and stood over the bed his massive penis bouncing up in down in anticipation.


“Yeah Shonda.”

“You have protection?”

He went into the bath room and removed a Magnum condom from the medicine cabinet. He rolled on the condom and walked into the kitchen.

“You want something to drink babe?” He yelled from the kitchen as he fumbled around in the dark.

“Nall I'm good.” She yelled back as he walked back into the room and crawled between the sheets. They kissed and touched each other and nibbled at one another's body parts. Positioning himself on top of her laying between her legs he parted her lips between her legs open and slid in slowly. Although she was dripping wet her eyes widened as she felt her walls begin to stretch. They had sex for 30 minutes in several positions before he finally came.

The next morning she was dressed and gone before he woke up. He felt good about himself he had finally gotten his revenge for what her and her friend did to him by posting that video on the net. Even she hadn't realized what he'd done she would soon enough. Two days later sitting at home browsing Face Book he received a message from Eve, that was Ta' Shonda's little sister. She was asking to meet, said she wanted to get down if he could keep it to himself it could go down.

He jumped at the chance even if it was a trick by her sister he had to find out. He met her at the Motel 6 in Brooklyn Center. She had a room already reserved said she stole her sister's ID and rented the room. He stepped into the room and closed the door she stepped out of the bath room wearing nothing but a see through night gown. He instantly became aroused; he stripped and climbed into bed.

“Come here Eve.” He said lying under the covers with his hands behind his head.

She smiled and stepped back. “Hold on daddy I left my purse in the bath room we need protection.”

“Aight mami, don't take too long.”

She stepped into the bath room and closed the door. He closed his eyes and opened them when he heard the door open. She stepped out fully clothe followed by two guys both looking like Kimbo Slice on steroids. Ken's eyes widened with fear.

“What the fuck is this?”

Eve's face was wet with tears. “You dirty mother fucker, you killed her!”

He clutched at the covers like a frightened child never taking his eyes off of the two men who hadn't said a word yet.

“What are you talking about Eve? What is this?”

“She's dead Ken, she died from an allergic reaction.”

She didn't have to say another word he already knew. That night they spent together when he went into the kitchen he poured the peanut oil he used to cook with onto the palms of his hands and lathered the condom with it. He thought that she might break out a bit but killing her never crossed his mind.

“Dead I ain't….”

“The autopsy said it was peanut oil in her system, but my sister would never touch anything with nuts especially not enough that would kill her.”

“You never know she might have eaten some shit she aint know had peanuts.”

“They said it was caked up in her vaginal area.”

“Fuck that you can't blame that shit on me!”

“You’re the only man she was seeing Ken. And oh in case you’re wondering who they are. Hmmm this is Sean and his brother in law well I never got his name guess it doesn't too much matter yall have something in common. That was Sean's wife and his sister who had your dick in her mouth in that video that was posted.”

Ken's eyes bulged more as he launched from the bed trying to make it pass the two giants to the door. One of the men grabbed him by his neck and through him to the floor. As they began to pummel him with blow after blow Eve reached into her purse removed a small jar unscrewed the cap and through the liquid into Ken's face as he lay on the floor bleeding. She stepped out of the room followed by the two men.

So that's how it all went down. Ken clicked on the messages from Eve all the same bout how she was sorry and she wish she could take it back would she please forgive him

“Fuck her.” He said as he stood from the bed and walked into his bathroom clicked on the light and looked into the mirror. The right side of his face had a hole in it exposing his gums and teeth were he had been burned with the substance that Eve had thrown into his face that night. The doctors never did tell him what the chemical was that ate up his face. He didn't have money for reconstructive surgery so he was forced to live the rest of his life looking deformed and grotesque all because he wanted to live the life of a Face Book Pimp!

Taken from The Addiction Anthology https://www.amazon.com/Addiction-Antwan-Floyd-Sr-ebook/dp/B018EVI0VM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1513702631&sr=8-1&keywords=the+addiction+antwan+floyd

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