I must say that I was pleased to read that it was not a hood book.

The first thing that drew me to Eboni With the White Skin by Ashantay Keys was the cover, so without reading the synopsis I one clicked and downloaded. I must say that I was pleased to read that it was not a hood book, I liked the topic of race in the story. Ashantay is a good storyteller I could picture the scenes as I read so kudos to her for that part. The story and plot of the story itself was intriguing to me I just wished that it delved a bit more beneath the surface and made Eboni have to deal with her issues and she really felt. My impression of her was that she never really addressed anything one way or the other she didn't truly side with her parents or side with Julien and her black friends so in all actuality she was a coward. Or perhaps that was the intents of the author, I'm not sure but overall the story was a fairly decent read.


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