Good Storytelling

80's Baby was the first title that I've read by this author. I knew what the story would possibly entail before I went in, reading it but was secretly hoping that it would shock me and be something else. Don't get me wrong I enjoy and have enjoyed the street tales of the dope game from now and early years of the 80's. But I grow tired of the same rehashed stories. Ty Marshall did a great job displaying life in the dope game in New York set in the early years of the illicit profession. He was very visual and I felt Hassan and cast were very relatable. Just ready to see a spin on the same plotlines, I did like the twists he put in about Rhae I did not see it coming, yet I had read it in other stories. So in my assessment Ty Marshall is a very good writer would I would read more of his work just hope to get something more in the future from him. If you are looking for a good dope boy/tragic love story this is for you.

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