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February 8, 2020

The Forgotten: A Jon Dough Thriller written by Kevin Macklin was my first read by this author, I was glad to have discovered him because I feel like we need more black males writing in this genre. I dove into the book unjudging just waiting to see how the story would unfold and I was not disappointed. Kevin hooked me in from the very first paragraph. These truly are my types of books, the protagonists with a shaded past that lives by his own set of rules and has a moral code that he abides by no matter the outcome.

Overall it was a decent read, the only downfall for me as a reader was that I didn't know the race of the title character. Perhaps I overlooked that part or read too fast I don't remember him being described. I suppose it doesn't matter to some readers but for me, it took something away from the story.

Would I read another of Kevin's titles in the Jon Dough series? Most definitely! And I suggest others that are not hip to him do the same.

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