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February 27, 2020

The Fictional Black Detective in American Literature and Film

The fictional Black detective in American Literature and film is an important topic as it pertains to representation of a group of people and inclusion in this highly popular genre. I write this article strictly from a fan’s point of view, I am by no means an expert on the topic. I am in my learning stages and I suppose in a way I am taking you on my journey of discovery with me.

According to an article that I read posted in the Los Angeles Review of Books written by Gary Phillips one of the earliest books of fiction about a black detective was published in 1932 and written by author Dr. Rudolph Fisher titled The Conjure-Man Dies: A Mystery Tale of Dark Harlem which features a Sherlock Holmes–like Dr. John Archer and police detective Perry Dart — two black investigators out to solve a murder mystery. Now it so happens that this is one of the titles that I have read, or should I say attempted to read. It was in my opinion very...

December 29, 2019

I have become a fan of Trace Conger and the Finn Series and after reading The Prison Guard's Son I am happy to so that I still am. I will admit that the third in the series moved a bit slower than I was used to from reading Mr. Conger's work but I do understand that the author had to build the story up and lay the foundation so let me tell you that it was worth the wait, in the end, The Prison Guard's son is a great addition to the Finn Series, I look forward to reading more of his work and hopefully reading more of Finn's adventures.

December 22, 2019

This was my first time reading a title by this author and I was somewhat entertained, it took a while to get to the meat of the story which was a bit of a put off for my taste. It was descriptive and engaging just took a while to get there. I would suggest this author to those that have more patience than I do.

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